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Hola December!

Hello there! I’ve been off blogging for the past few days. I’ve been busy doing other things. Something new I’ve never tried doing before. I’m enjoying it and I’m gonna tell you what it is when I see the outcome of it. 🙂

Wow! Where did time go? Last year, I posted about December and my anticipated schedules for that month. I can’t not do that this year! Lol. So, here’s what’s in store for us for this last month of the year (and my future excuses on being off blogging! Haha).

Wedding Anniversary ♥ – Dane and I are staying strong and (still) in love, even though we’re 4,000 miles away and haven’t seen each other for more than a year. By God’s grace, we are going 4 years married this month. My only wish is that God will bless our plans and that He’d give us wisdom to decide on what’s best for our family.

9 yrs & 2 months of relationship  98th monthsary it is for us this coming Dec. 17th! God is great! Yes, we still celebrate our monthsary. lol!

This month is our wedding anniversary and birth month. This is the 2nd year we’re celebrating away from each other.
Blogger’s Mini Christmas Party  We literally planned this since a few months back, now it’s really happening! The last time we were together was during our make up 101 session. I haven’t seen them since then. And I’d love to be able to spend time and bond with these ladies again in spite of our busy scheds. I don’t know why I call it “mini”. May it’s because there’s just 5 of us? lol 

Church Thanksgiving Day – On December 25th, (yes, exactly Christmas day), our church will have its annual thanksgiving day. We’ve started planning on what the program’s going to be. I’m sure it’ll be a blessed day for everyone in the church. I can’t wait!

Hubby’s birthday!
Dane and I are almost at the end of the calendar date! Haha! On the 23rd, he’ll be another year older. This will be his 2nd year to celebrate his birthday without us. I know it’s sad but I can’t be sad. I should still be thankful.

Mah birthday!  – When I think about our birthdays with just 5 days different, I can’t help but feel romantic. Haha! Call me korni but I always tell Dane, “you know what, we’re really destined!”. Haha. So yeah, I’ll be 28 this coming 28th! Wow! 

Nothing special, no celebration. I grew up without birthday cakes on the table, so I got used to it. Usually, during our birthdays, we’d just spend some time to talk to God and thank Him for another year that He gave us. When we were young, our mother would tell us to go to the room, lock the door, kneel, pray and thank the Lord. 😀

This is the fellowship our kids in the church look forward to every year!

Kid’s Camp 2016 – this is one of the most expensive events we’re going to be joining this month! Haha. We’ll be in Bataan for 4 days for Nate’s very first Kid’s Camp and we’re all excited about it. Thank God for the nature of my job, I can take it with me while going places (as long as there’s an internet, of course!).

New Year’s Eve – I’m happy I’ll be able to spend the new year’s eve with my family this year since it falls on a Saturday, so no need to go on leave, everyone will be able to enjoy the holiday with the loved ones.

This month would’ve been so much different if Dane is with us but for now, I can rest in the fact that next year, we’ll definitely be celebrating December events together and COMPLETE.

Moms/Dads, I know it’s starting to get really busy, so let me tell you this: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that we’ll all be able to spend time with our families, friends and loved ones this holiday season. Praise God for His goodness in our lives.

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  1. Exciting lalo ang December mo sis ah. Happy Anniversary sa inyo ni hubby, happy birthday sa kanya and happy birthday rin sayo! Pareho tayo na kapag birthday, sanay naman nang walang bonggang handaan or anything. 🙂 And hello sa mga mommy bloggers din na kasama sa mini Christmas party nyo soon. <3

  2. December is really a busy month, less blog post din ako pag ganitong month. Happy anniversary and happy birthday to you and your hubby! When I was young, di rin uso birthday cake sa min so when I got married, gusto ko lagi kami may cake pag may birthday sa min. hehehe! Happy holiday!

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