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29 Reasons Why Hubby is L♥ve

Today, Dane celebrates his 29th birthday, let the online party begin! Just kidding! *A moment of silence for all LDR couples like us, lol!*
This is his 2nd birthday away from us and even though I am a bit sad that we don’t get to celebrate our birthdays together, I know that someday, he’ll be back home and we’ll be able to celebrate our special occasions together.
Along with his 29th birthday, I decided to make a list of why I love him. These are not the only reasons why but since it’s his 29th birthday, what better number to use than 29, right?
So, without further ado, here’s my list:

1. He loves God and his family. And is also a strong believer of God.
2. He’s a good cook (I am not).
3. He values his ministry in the church.
4. He is out-going. 
5. He is slow to anger (I’m a bit short-tempered).

6. He makes silly (and sometimes corny) jokes.
7. He is sweet in his own ways.
8. He is faithful.
9. He reminds me of how we started whenever we fight.
10. He sacrifices for us.
11. He’s good at sports and good looking too! Haha. He also loves music (we’d spend hours at a music store! If only there’s a guitar center music store here in the PH)
12. He’s a good father to Nate.
13. And a supportive husband to me.
14. A responsible brother and son.
15. And a person you can easily hang out with.
16. He talks to me before making any major decisions.
17. He offers a hand every time I go down from the jeep/tricycle.
18. Reminds me to be strong when I am down.
19. He inspires me to work out! 😀
20. He is simple, quiet and friendly.
21. He supports my blogging.
22. He’s brutally honest.
23. He listens to my story and is willing to stay up for a late night talk.
24. He trusts me.
25. He protects me and the people he loves.
26. He tells me he loves me as often as he can.
27. He’s game for cuddles and lazy days!
28. He loves playing like a little kid, specially with Nate.
29. Above all, he never forgets to thank God for all the blessings.
Hello lab!
Happy 29th birthday! Call me corny but I always tell you, “Destined talaga tayo, haha”. You are the man of my dreams and I praise God for your life and your love. We are celebrating with you from miles away. I hope that you have fun today, even if you’re not with us.
Stay strong, my love. All this will surely come to pass. I love you so much and we miss you terribly! Take care of yourself, always!

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  1. Your Dane is the sweetest. I love it that he consults you before any major decision. Sometimes in a relationship, we tend to forget to ask the opinion of the other party. I find it also sweet that he helps you go down the jeep. That is such a gentleman act of a husband to his wife. And kilig that part that he reminds you how youve met during a fight. You're lucky to have him as a husband and lucky too for Nate to be his dad. But I bet he is lucky too to have you as his better half. Keep the love burning!

  2. Belated happy birthday to your hubby! The 29 reasons post is also a nice way to appreciate your husband and remember why you fall in love. My husband also supports my blogging, so whatever I need, he provides. He always replace my laptop pag sira because I need that. hehehe!

  3. Wow, that's a lot! 🙂 I remember writing something like this for my husband too when we were still dating. Belated happy birthday to him! You're both lucky to have found each other and I can only hope that God bless your family more. 🙂

  4. Thank you! Yes, him helping me going down the jeep and tricycle is one of the things that I really like him doing. Can't wait to see him again this year. 🙂 Yes, we're lucky to have each other. Yes, we're lucky to have each other.

  5. Uy almost pareho ang theme sa atong posts! Reading about Dane, I believe destined jud mo haha. It's a God-orchestrated love story ika nga. I also think Dane and Job have a lot of similarities – they should meet in Riyadh lol! God bless you two! :*

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