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CLAG Women’s Officers’ Weekend Retreat

After our successful CLAG women’s fellowship, we, officers, finally had the chance to retreat and have fun before another fellowship comes – the Kid’s Camp, which we’ll also help organize. Unfortunately, our PIO and secretary didn’t make it due to schedule conflicts so it was just us: pres, v-pres, secretary and treasurer that made it.
There were 7 of us altogether, plus 3 little kiddos during this time. And for all the joy ride and chuckles we had during the trip, I am super thankful to God (most of all) for the experience, and to our president for their generosity. 🙂

Behold, the photos… 

wonderful…just wonderful!
Who’s in the car? 😀 me and Melisa with ZD and Nate. Mark, Jade and Dex at the back.  
Afternoon dip (immediately upon arrival, lol): Me, Secretary, Melisa (vp) and Pres with the kids who can’t stop for a group photo! lol. 
Sunday morning view. 
The sunrise, the shovel, the sea and the little giant ♥
Isn’t this a lovely place? 

Our retreat was supposed to be in Subic but they later decided to stay in Morong instead. Morong (or the Municipality of Morong), is a municipality in the province of Bataan in the Central Luzon of the Philippines. This is about 175 kms away from Metro Manila. It’s one of the near places to go for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Facing the calm waters of the South China Sea, most Morong beaches may not have an awesome white sand but you don’t have to worry about going for a dip barefoot. Besides, the kids didn’t care if the place has white sand or not, all the want is the water and the waves! And I bet Jade, one of the kids, can agree to that!

Sunday morning, around 9 AM, we left the place to go to Bagac, Bataan to meet with the bible students for the preparation of our upcoming Kid’s Camp. Travel time from Morong to Bagac, Bataan was only about 45 mins away. Our bible school in Bagac, Bataan is located in Binukawan. This was where I spent 2 years of my studies in Theology. 🙂

Quick meeting before we head home 

The plan was that we’re supposed to also visit Mt. Samat. However, since we left the bible school a little late, around 3 PM, to be exact, we decided to just set Mt. Samat aside so we won’t be too late going home. Nate and I arrived home at around 7PM. It was exhausting and tiresome but it was a fun, quick weekend getaway. ♥

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  1. I've been to Morong, Bataan and it is really far from where I live kaya pagod sa biyahe. I agree with you, hindi white ang sand nila pero ok naman kahit anong color. hehehe! Though I haven't enjoyed our stay because we're busy with seminar, ni hindi man lang ko nakaligo sa beach. 🙂

  2. Can't wait to have my vacation in the Philippines. =) The place is so beautiful. This is what I miss about the Philippines. Everything is green (outside Manila). =) I thought Bataan was too far from Manila. It's really not that far when you said 100+ Km away only. =) I think it's closer to our place.

  3. Ang saya naman ng outing nyo gaw. Bataan is very memorable samin ni Enteng, kasi after Christmas 2012 nag away kami, sumugod ako sa bataan without his knowledge, stow away ika nga hahaha. Nung nalaman niya, sumunod ang lolo mo hehehe. Nakapasyal tuloy kami sa Mt. Samat heheheh.

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