Wednesday Wreview: What I Like about RamenCool

One of the many firsts that I experienced in relation to blogging is being able to try restaurants for the first time. One of these restaurants is RamenCool, located in West Avenue, QC. What’s more good about it is:

I was with my blogger friends when we were here. For us, being together is an opportunity to talk about blogging and how we can help each other up. 🙂 We’re glad we’re able to do that in RamenCool.

Let me tell you what I like about this place.

1. Peaceful Ambiance.

Located near the highway, who would know that you can find peace in this place? RamenCool is a place where you can brainstorm, talk, and even spend some time alone. I’m not sure what it is, but it could be those cherry blossom designs in the interior. Flowers, even if they’re not real bring inner peace, don’t they?

2. Exclusivity.
This is what I like the most about RamenCool. The tables are separated by small walls; you’d feel like you’re in a cubicle. You’ll have that sense of exclusivity every time you dine here. It’s literally like eating alone, in your own room. 😀

3. Food offer.
They don’t just offer ramen. They also offer other meals. With its Japanese themed designs, you can enjoy Japanese food here while listening to Japanese music. Free travel to Japan and you don’t even need a passport to do that! Lol! Although I’m not someone who likes maki, I started to love ramen. Such a tasty treat, you don’t even need rice to satisfy your belly anymore!

Milo Dinosaur – PHP 130
Pork Sioramen – PHP 190
4. High Chair!
Yes! This is very important for moms like me, and they have one! So, kudos RamenCool!

5. Friendly Staff
I won’t keep it – we stayed there for more than 2 hours! Yes! Because we took the opportunity to meet together to talk about blogging, we shared anything that we know which we thought could benefit the others. We also talked about things that we can do to help each other up. The saying remains true: no man is an island. Same in blogosphere. It’s great to be able to meet new friends and be of help to them in ways you can.

us and the staff 🙂
Going back to RamenCool – this is why I like their staff, we never felt any hostility during our stay, even if we stayed for so long already. Thank you RamenCool! You got very accommodating team there! 🙂

6. Accessible location.
RamenCool is located in West Avenue, about 10 minutes walking distance from SM North EDSA. I think it’s perfect for those with cars who need a short munch.

with my blogger friends Berlin, Mhaan and Melisa
Have you ever been to RamenCool? How was your dining experience? I’d love to hear it! 

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  1. Whenever Im with my family now and we dine out, I make sure that its kids friendly and have the dishes that my kids like. So high chair is really a must. Especially if I don't want my kids climbing on to the tables. 🙂

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