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Unfulfilled Commitment Causing a Pause

For weeks now, I’ve been contemplating about whether I can still commit to my post schedule. After so many considerations, I have decided that I can no longer commit to it anymore. I am therefore not doing some of them and hopefully be able to manage other things. This isn’t easy for me to let go but
for so many times now, I haven’t done my scheduled post do to the things that I am currently involved in. As much as I want to keep on doing it, I just don’t think I can for now. After all, what matters is I can still regularly update my blog. Maybe not as often as I wish I can, but I will never leave my blog behind, no matter how busy I am.

So many things has changed since the day I decided to do a scheduled post. I wasn’t too busy by that time yet, but now, I seem to be catching up on all the things that I want to do. So I’ll try to balance everything to still be able to accommodate the things that I need to do. I don’t want to compromise just so I can fulfill my schedule posts. That can mean a compromise on the quality of my posts (naks, feeling magaling magsulat, haha!).

Here are the reasons why I decided I can’t fulfill my scheduled posts anymore:

1. My “take-my-belly-fats-away” journey
I grew up as a super thin girl. I’ve never been really fat until I got pregnant. When I was in my teens, I didn’t care how many plates of food I eat because no matter how gluttonous I can get, I still have a very thin body structure and a super flat tummy! I remember when I was in High School, my waistline just 23!

No tummy fats even if I sit, this was about 7 years ago.

That was more than a decade ago! Lol. After I got pregnant, my pre-pregnancy belly seems like it’s not planning to go back anymore. I feel like I am 3 months pregnant with my bloated tummy. So time to work hard on taking those fats away. I still have 1 year to do that before Dane comes home. Lol!

For a few weeks now, I’ve been trying to take a time in the day for exercise. I haven’t diligently   done that ‘til 3 days ago. Last time, I’d only spend about 15 minutes a day for exercise. Now, I am hoping to spend an hour a day. I still haven’t reached to that point but I was able to exercise for 40 minutes so, slowly, I’ll get there. 😀

I’m not being OA, I’m ok with my body now, I think this is just right. My only problem is my belly and that’s what I’m trying to take away. Gosh, it’s too difficult to do that, by the way!

2. Completing my Theology course
Those who know me for quite a long time know that I studied in a bible school and haven’t graduated yet. I still have a few subjects to complete and after a few years of setting it aside, I finally had the courage to talk to our school director about completing my course (actually, it was him that personally talked to me about it). Right now, I am studying the book of Revelation in order to finish my course on that subject. So this is another reason why I’m giving up my post schedule for now.

3. Plan on completing short courses
I have availed of the lifetime membership in Shaw Academy at sayang kung di ko gagamitin. Shaw Academy is an online place for short courses that you want to take. They offer more and more course as the year passes and are planning to add more by 2017.

What’s good about it is you don’t have to go to a physical training school. Also they give you certificate once you complete the course that you can use along with your CV or portfolio. I have tried finishing my course there but I still can’t seem to find time to really focus on it. Sigh! So many things to do, so little time! If only I don’t need to sleep, lol!

On top of these, I still have a full time job and a son that also needs my attention. So I really need to be able to learn how to balance everything. Please help me wish that I can manage all these! lol!

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  1. Wow! I must commend you for balancing all those plates in your schedule. Family, Work, Blogging, Theology and Studying. That's alot. What school are you taking your theology course by the way?
    I think 4x a week of blogging is a lot. I do only 3 since it's already like working full time to promote all my blog posts. Congrats on making time for all those things.


  2. You're very busy! It's good make decisions on what you can and can't do! Then you can focus better and know what you want. Things soon get hectic. And it'good that you know what comes first. I have a half-schedule for my blog :). Which leaves some space for changes and lesser posts when I'm to busy. I have specific themes on wednesday and thursday. And the amount of weekend posts depends on how busy I am and how much I have to tell 🙂

  3. I also do scheduled post but when time is not with me, I let it be. I just remind myself on why I am blogging at the first place. Good for you for taking those courses. I hope I have time too to learn new things.

  4. All you need is a great planning to balance everything you want to accomplish. Thumbs up to you for doing that! Some advice though, if you want to lose your belly fat you have to lessen or remove your rice intake. Rice is the culprit. LOL!

  5. Wait, how did you have a lifetime membership from Shaw? You signed up and paid? I only have the free pass to a certain course. It's not bad to plan on some things that would eventually lead to your success.

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