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My Make up Story + My First Online Beauty Haul Ever!

I am not kikay. And I don’t think I’ll ever will. We grew up in a small and simple baranggay. That means I was never exposed to beauty products and make up. I got used to it and got used to going out without anything on my face. That was the life that I have before until recently. Yes, just recently! That I decided I needed to learn the basic make up!

Before I decided to start learning to use make up on my face, I had a few reasons why I chose

not to learn how to use make up. Maybe some of you can relate to it!

1.       Make up is expensive! 

Since I grew up seeing my mother not using anything aside from lipstick, that’s what was instilled on my mind! I thought make up were just for the rich women. I thought that I will never be able to afford them. I was wrong. Even though there are so many expensive and branded make up out there (seeing their prices make me dizzy, btw, lol!), there are also many affordable products now that you can use for your skin.
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2.       I can never learn to use make up! ” or “It looks really complicated!”
I tried watching a few YouTube tutorials in the past and in my mind, I was like, “wow! That’s not easy at all! I can’t do that!” Nowadays, there are so many ways to learn if you’re just willing. I’m fortunate I have a friend by the name of Mhaan who blogs at Mommy Rockin’ in Style who’s willing to help me learn.

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3.       Make up is time-consuming!” 
I thought that you would have to spend hours in the mirror and by thinking of that, I really thought that’s just a waste of time! I was again wrong. Now that I’m starting to learn to use lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and blush, I can finish them for about 15 minutes. Make up junkies, I don’t know if that’s quick or slow! Seriously, I really don’t have any idea about make up at all! And I’m still learning to do them right, even now!
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4.       “I don’t need make up.”

Back when I was working in BPO companies, I would go to the office completely make up free. For so many years I would only use a moisturizer and a baby powder and I’m good to go. I may not need to use make up at that time since I was just an agent but when I think of it now, I wished I used even just a lipstick! 
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Another thing now is: I’m a WAHM. Which means I don’t need to leave the house often, hence, I don’t need make up. I was wrong again. As what I learned from our blogging workshop seminar with Frances of Topaz Horizon, as a blogger, you have to look good. This is why I decided I needed to learn how to do the basic – for all my future blogging events and gatherings I’m going to attend.

Everything seems to amazingly fall into place! Just when I decided to finally start learning about it, I was given the chance to try out the BeautyMNL website! Not only that, my friend, Mhaan, was so much willing to help me out in choosing what I needed as a beginner. 🙂 I read so many beauty haul posts before and every time I read those posts, I would think: “when will I ever be able to do that for myself?” I guess the right time has come for me to be able to experience an online beauty haul. It was fun, no hassle and wonderful for a beginner like me. So friends, let me show you what my first online beauty haul is:

1. Dove Beauty Bar Soap (Pink) 100g (₱48.00) – I don’t usually buy this because I think that it’s expensive but when Dane sent me lots of Dove soap, I like the result of it on my skin so I got another one.

2. My Scheming Silk Mask Black Pearl brightening mask (₱80.00) – I’ve always wanted to be able to try out a black mask! I’ve never tried one before. Believe me I don’t usually go to beauty section! 😀

3. L’Orial Paris Micellar Water Refreshing 3-in-1 (₱175.00) – It’s a cleanser, a toner and a make up remover in one!

4. Zenutrients Goat’s Milk and Oatmeal Body Scrub (₱187.00)  – I always wanted to be able to try a body scrub. Again, I’m very simple, I don’t use too many products. I only use soap and loofa during bath time.
5. Soul Skinfood & Nude Cosmetics Fair me Up! And Light Cream  (₱125.00) – the website says it’s a primer. And my friend Mhaan said I need one since I have an oily skin.
6. Suesh Concealer & Corrector Pots (₱100.00) – Lol! This one didn’t even have a cover. I didn’t know that. *facepalm*

7. Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Formula (₱75.00) – I always get chapped lips, hence this.

8. Dove Hair Treatment Vitamin Capsules Intense repair (₱75.00) – because my hair needs help! 🙂

9. FREE STUFF! yaaay!!!

fuhree, fuhree, fuhree!!!! 

If you ask me about my experience, I’d say:

1.       BeautyMNL is easy to navigate – the website is user friendly and you will have a categorized list of products to help you decide what to choose. The products are also categorized by brands, by price, and by usage. One thing I’d like to add though is maybe they can also categorize the prices from lowest to highest (and vice versa), just like Lazada. That will help “kuripot” buyers like me more on choosing what to buy.

2.       Delivery was quick! – I placed my order on October 6th and I got my package on the 8th! I am from San Mateo, Rizal and ours is already considered a provincial address. To receive my package 2 days after I placed my order is great!

3.       Promos, discounts & deals – we can all agree that one of the advantages of ordering online the cheaper cost. You get lots of these in their website. If fact, it’s their anniversary now so they also offer sooo many discounted products!

4.       Contests – BeautyMNL is also currently doing a contest! Are you great at taking selfies? Use that to your advantage! 🙂  If you like taking selfies (I do before, but now, not so often anymore, lol!), join their #selfieMNL contest! Get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC. Click here for the complete details.

Have you tried ordering beauty products at BeautyMNL? How was your experience? Let me know in the comment box. I’ll be happy to hear from you!

Disclaimer: I was given online credits to be able to order the products in exchange of an honest review on my blog about the BeautyMNL website. 

35 Replies to “My Make up Story + My First Online Beauty Haul Ever!”

  1. I believe it's a personal choice to look good whether just at home or going out. I don't usually wear make ups unless there's a need to. A little lippie and fixed eyebrows, ok na ako dun. Currently focusing on good skin care para on the go always. I'll be having my first BeautyMnl haul this weekend. And I'm excited. Lol

  2. I love BeautyMNL! They have a wide range of products. For me, putting on make-up is sort of my me-time. I like looking put-together when I go out, even if I'll just go to the grocery. It makes me feel good about myself. So, keri mo yan!

  3. Like you , my concept before of makeup included baby powder and a balm. But working in the corporate industry, I realized looking good is a pre-requisite to looking professional. Still not an expert though with make-up (especially with brows) but I'm working hard to learn as much as I can. 🙂

  4. Been seeing a lot of beauty haul from Beauty MNL lately, I remember I still have some lippies in my cart. I'm kind of a late bloomer when it comes to make up as well but hey it's never too late!

  5. I love BeautyMNL too. Very fast transaction. As for make-ups, hanggang BB cream palang ako haha. Waley talaga talent hehe. But we need to look good so let's do it sis, haha.

  6. I am so happy to read another #pagdadalaga101 post from a Momma hihi. Yes, I agree that make-ups can be expensive and complicated din talaga pero there are good products naman na worth it gamitin. I used to use moisturizer, powder and lipstick lang din but now I also practice doing my brows because you know… As they say, kilay is life! Haha! I even got one of my brow pencil from BeautyMNL and I am lovin' it! BeautyMNL is our one stop online shop as WAHMs na bihirang makalabas ng bahay talaga, noh? Hihi

  7. I think you should start to love using make-up products to further enhance your beauty. It's fun to put lipstick and use face powder. Beauty MNL is an easy access site for your beauty needs.

  8. I am such a newbie too when it comes to makeup and skincare. I'm learning from the blogs and I'm glad there are online shops like BeautyMNL to make shopping easier for us. Sometimes kasi I get intimidated to buy from malls because I don't really know what I like or what's a good product to try.

  9. I like what's in your haul. And oh, you know what? Being a WAHM while learning the art of make up will has more benefits than of those working. You'll get more time to learn and experiment. Gow!

  10. This makes me want to try BeautyMnl as well and see what i could buy. i am not also a make up person but going out and meeting people require us to be at least personable and decent. I believe make up can enhance our look.

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