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KidloLand: A Toddler Learning App REVIEW + GIVEAWAY!!!

Nate has only 4 apps that he used whenever he wanted to before: Bible for Kids, Alphabets, Fruit Ninja and Word Play. He doesn’t use those very often since I want him to be more engaged with physical activities; secondly, I really want a very less screen time for him.
About 2 weeks ago, I got invited to try out another app for little kids which is called KidloLand. KidloLand is an app designed for  kids under 5 years old. Kids can learn ABCs, animals, fruits, vegetables, shapes and more with the help of 700+ interactive nursery rhymes, songs, stories and educational activities. It’s got so many good stuff available for our little ones!

Nate’s tab, by the way, just completely gave up last weekend, so goodbye Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and thanks for the good 3.5 years of service! Nate didn’t care, it was my sister who was more broken hearted because that’s what she uses to log in to her social media accounts, lol!

Moving on, since we don’t have a device to use for Nate now, Nate can only use this new app using my phone. I think that’s a lot better because now I have so much control over his screen time. Nate loves this app! I will tell you why later on. Before that though, here are the reasons why I like KidloLand:
1. Many Categories to choose from
Your child will have so many educational options to choose from on this app. This will ensure great learning. You have them available from nursery rhymes, phonics, ABCs, games, activities, trucks (which is Nate’s favorite), vehicles (another one of his faves, land and water animals (animal sounds, fruits, vegetables, birds, insects, shapes, colors, lullabies, numbers, and even months of the year.
These and many more are in store for learning

 2. Vibrant colors
Kids loooove colors! That’s given! KidloLand has really lovely and crisp colors. The graphics are also kid-friendly; it gives great visuals to every categories they choose.

With its vibrant colors and wonderfully done graphics, your child’s imagination come to life
3. Educational
There are many available apps for kids nowadays that can teach our kids so much learning. KidloLand gives provides just the right amount of entertainment and information to our little ones. As much as possible, I want Nate’s toys to be educational. With KidloLand, I can rest assure that Nate is up for a good learning and new information. This app can help improve our kid’s vocab. And most importantly, most are taught through a song, which is really entertaining at the same time.
Among the many things our kids can learn, most (if not all) are taught through a song
What to expect: 
The version that I got was the full version which we can get at around USD 24.99 for 6 months. You can also get it for a free limited version. Everything that is not available in the free version need to be downloaded, so it’ll take a bit of time to do that, of course, unless you have a very speedy internet connection (mine’s only at 5 mbps, so it takes time to download them all), it should only take seconds to complete the download.
Nate’s favorite? Everything about trucks, excavators and cranes! 
As a mother who tries to limit screen time, I strongly believe that anything that’s too much is unhealthy. My advice is to use the app with moderation. You can either do a schedule their screen time, or like me, manage the use of it by not giving them the full access to the device. Physical activities help with learning as much as the apps. If both are handled well, and used in balance, that would be really awesome.
Because KidloLand wants more and more kids to experience their app, they’re giving away a FREE 3-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TO 3 LOVELY WINNERS! yaaay! Nate loves this app, your kiddo might love it too! 🙂

Easy-peasy mechanics:

1). Like KidloLand on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kidloland/ 
2). Follow KidloLand on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kidloland/ 
3). Like Above Precious Rubies on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AbovePreciousRubies
4). Share the giveaway on Facebook (make sure it’s public!) and comment below with the link to your shared post. 

This giveaway ends on October 31st, 2016, Monday, at 12 nn PH time. Winner will be announced here and will be contacted via Facebook. 

Here’s the list of all who participated the giveaway (and did the mechanics right): 
1. Melisa Centino Sanchez 
2. Myh Calimlim
3. Jonalyn Elardo Sanchez ·
4. Lyndsey Harper
5. Vargas Jennie
6. Berlin Domingo
7. Shalene Salvatierra
8. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy
9. Marie Angeli Laxa
I drew the numbers through an online number generator thrice and here’s the result: 
Congratulations Myh, Belin and Maan! 🙂 I will contact you via Facebook. 

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