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3 Things That I Didn’t Like About the MBP Mad Hatter Party 2016

Nate and I *insert my youngest sister, Ashiel*, were part of the recently concluded MBP (Mommy Bloggers Philippines) Mad Hatter Party 2016 held at the Mind Museum. It was such a perfect day; the place was filled with happy kids, smiling moms and dads, wonderful balloon decors, and friendly sponsors. Everyone seems happy and feeling blessed!

This was the 2nd MBP event that Nate and I attended, last year, we were also able to join the party in Skyranch, Tagaytay. However, even though this was the 2nd MBP we’ve attended, I still had so many missed opportunities during this event. Here are the 3 things that I didn’t like about the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mad Hatter Party 2016.

1. I didn’t like that I came unprepared

I know we had at least 1 week to prepare for this event, yet my “mañana habit” defeated me , AGAIN. I’m typing this with a frown face! My initial plan for Nate’s costume was any simple DIY costume. But because I was either lazy or feeling busy, I was not able to make any at all. Thank goodness, the SM San Mateo sale happened on time and I was able to buy an RTW costume for him.


Nate in his pumpkin costume. Cropped: Melisa running after ZD! lol! 
Another thing was the hat! I did not plan to make it at all but when I Googled it at the very last minute (and by last minute, I meant 5:30 AM the same day the event happened), I thought it was easy to do so I tried doing a DIY hat, which was the main reason we were almost late!

At the venue, I saw lots of cute kids wearing really wonderful and cool costumes (well, I’m not saying Nate wasn’t cute on his pumpkin costume, lol) and have really awesome hats! (Nahiya akong ilabas ang hat na gawa ko, lol!). Other moms were really prepared, like they had everything planned and perfectly arranged for their kids. A virtual pat in the back for you, awesome moms!

2. I didn’t like that it had to end so soon
In the bible times, a couple’s wedding could last up to a week! I wish that is possible for events like this! But, “hello, dear me! Wake up! This is 2016 A.D. people are so busy and events like this can be super expensive! Are you out of your mind?” No, I’m not, lol. I can’t commit to a week of event either.

This one lasted for about 4 hours, and although I really hope it can last for a day, we’re all busy moms trying to manage our busy schedules. So even though I wished that the event was longer, I’m still happy that I got to meet other mommy bloggers (new and familiar faces) again. It’s still a lot different when it’s offline, isn’t it?

With the mommy blogger friends: Momi Berlin, Madz & Melisa
Image Source: Peek-a-Booth! 
With Mommy Anna and Melisa

So dear moms, thank you! And I’m happy to see you all!

Thanks to Mommy Lani for giving us a time to give our candies/goodies to the kids, we got to also have a little chitchat with other mommy bloggers that we know. Blogosphere is an awesome place of people supporting each other, and I’m joyful (and honored) to be part of the MBP community!

3. I didn’t like I was not strong enough
You know what, after the event, I really wished I had the strength of Samson! I’m thankful though that I tagged my sister along, if not, I’d be doomed! Seriously dear sponsors, you are spoiling us! Lol! I knew Mommy Louisa told us to prepare a bag for the loots, and she even said, “the bigger, the better”, but I’ll be honest this is the event with most loots that I got so far!

So big thanks to our lovely sponsors for their generosity! You really know how to make us moms happy! 😀 I’m happy that even though I was so drained when we got home, I got to commute with all the stuffs that were given to us. 

Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mad Hatter Party was made possible by generous sponsors and a team of mommies who love this blogging community. Our sponsors made our experience even more memorable and awesome! Hats off to all of you, guys!
Thank you to The Mind Museum who not only provided us with a venue but also made sure we had a great time by providing all day passes and tickets to their soon to come Science Circus exhibit. We didn’t waste time, we went and enjoyed the museum right away! And guess who’s the happiest? The kids, of course! ♥

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Thank you once again to all our wonderful sponsors and to the MBP admins: Lani, Louisa and Joy. I know you guys spent so much effort for this event and that you shed your “dugo’t pawis” for this to be successful, hehe. Not only that, you also sacrificed your sleep for this. And for that, I genuinely adore you! 🙂 You are truly empowered women empowering other women! Cheers!

PS: Others call this kind of post reverse psychology. Others call it click bait! I call it trying to think outside the box. 😀 

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  1. At least your son was in costume! Mine wasn't. LOL! The hat was a last minute thing too so you're not alone there.. Hope to meet you next event. Hirap magmingle around na may hinahabol na bata e hahaha

  2. Forget about the costume, the most important thing is you're there and Nate enjoyed the party. Need pa yata ng push cart yang naiuwi niyo. BTW! Nice meeting you last Saturday.

  3. This is the event that I felt bad for missing it! Huhu! I wasn't able to pay for a slot on time. Pero iniisip ko okay na rin kasi on the event day itself, the husband got very sick. He can barely get up from the bed and mataas ang fever. Hanggang tingin na lang ako sa IG at sa feed ko kung gaabo nag-enjoy ang mommy bloggers and the kids. Hopefully, next event makasama na ako. Lalo na papatapos na ang 1st trimester. Hihi. Ang dami nyong take home freebies! Sobrang generous ng sponsors. I love it! 😀

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