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ZPPAi: A Look Back

This is shameless throwback from about 7 years ago. I’m grinning right now while writing this! I can’t believe how time flies. In this photo is Dane as Jesus during our performance during our Zaphenath Paneah Performing Arts Inc. presentation. And the person kneeling wearing blue was me! *shaking my head, laughing!*  

ZPPAi is an interdenominational group formed and founded in Davao City that aims to share the word of God through performing arts. Now the memories are coming back and I miss these times. We were active members and participants of this group. ZPPAi has been presenting different presentations to churches, fellowships and conferences. ZPPAi-Manila still exists, however, with the members moving from different places, other members now married (like us), and others working abroad, ZPPAi-Manila was inactive for quite some time now.
I remember back then, they’d spend hours and hours practicing for their presentations (mimes, dance, interpretative dance, songs, and more) and having sharing time and bible studies. Some youth would come to church almost every day.
This was our hand mime presentation during a fellowship in 2009 in Mayantoc, Quezon (I’m getting really sad right now, I miss this already).

Throwback to our LGYC conference in Mayantoc, Quezon in 2009

ZPPAi-Davao – where it all started

However, as a group, we’ve also faced challenges. Many challenges I should say, like, small arguments over something, misunderstandings, financial problems and more. We treat those as part of the challenges of the group and continued doing our best. I remember when we were just starting, we’d have to think about so many things, big or small.
One of the many things we needed before were lighting gear and equipment. Each and every performer knows how important it is to be able to have that during presentations. Good lighting is so important. Thankfully, God provided our every need and so much more. Ugh, I need to stop now, I’m starting to miss everything.

I’m happy I was able to be part of this group and I want nothing but for this group to continually be used by God for His glory and honor. I pray that by God’s grace, this group will rise again.  God knows better, in God we trust. ♥

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