Wednesday Wreview: Tokyo Bubble Tea (Trinoma)

After we enjoyed our lunch at Hanamaruken Ramen, me and my blogger friends decided to go for a drink. We decided to spend the rest of our chit-chats in Tokyo Bubble Tea. And here’s a short review about our experience in this store.

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The Place 
Their place is small, it can accommodate maybe about 20-25 customers. So you can’t expect to have that much privacy in here. But that’s fine, I can work with that, as long as I’m with my friends/loved ones. 🙂

The Orders
We ordered our own drinks and paid individually. lol! Walang taya-taya! haha. Lahat nagbabayad ng patas! I think our order price paid range from Php 85 (my order, the cheapest, lol), to Php 200 I guess.

-The place is just “OK” for me. There’s nothing really awesome, but it’s not dirty either.
-The music in the background was fine. It wasn’t that loud so we we’re still able to talk. And I think this is important for food establishments to take note of that. Some restaurants play loud music. I don’t like that ‘coz I like to spend time catching up with my friends and loved ones when eating out.
-My drink tastes good, as well as the most controversial nachos (I will tell you more later).

-The AC wasn’t working properly. We could feel that immediately after we went inside. It was colder outside with no AC that inside with an AC. When we asked if they could turn the thermostat down so it gets colder, we were told that’s the max that they can get as it’s not working properly. I wish they had that repaired or replaced, specially since their place is small.
-The waiter (or whatever he’s called, lol) wasn’t very friendly. First, Mhaan asked him if they could adjust the AC because it was hot, he just said that’s the maximum temp it can give and left, like he was in a hurry and like he never cared. Secondly, Berlin ordered a “not spicy” nachos and when he served it, we all thought he said “spicy nachos”. So I asked if it was nachos, and honestly, to me he arrogantly answered that he said “not spicy” instead of “spicy”. That’s just not a great attitude to show your customers. He may have a bad day, I get it. But he has no reason to be impolite. I’m happy he was not the one who assisted us anymore when it was time to get our bills. We really didn’t like him.

The controversial nachos! Photo courtesy of Berlin

Will I ever come back here? 
No, I don’t think so. There are many other stores that offer drinks like they offer, some even offer them for cheaper prices. Some might even have a tastier offers and options than them. I’d rather order from Fruitas next time, lol. I just don’t think I have enough reasons to go back to this place.

Blurred pic don’t care! Lol! The only group photo I have in Tokyo Bubble Tea! Nothing can stop us from having fun, not even an impolite crew or a hot AC temperature! 🙂

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  1. Yey, let us not be affected by rude people as they will only try to get our energy. Ehehe. But seriously, though the aircon and the food staff are not great, the stay was beyond pleasant. Your company was enough to make the place comfortable.

  2. Sama naman ako next time ha. Pero huwag sa hindi ok na place. Doon tayo sa … anong meron sa Trinoma? Tagal ko na nga pala hindi nakakapunta diyan. Doon sa taas pala meron mga coffee shops diba? Pero iyon nga lang, madalas yata punuan din.

  3. In fairness masarap naman ang drinks nila at nachos kaso ang init, di comfortable at di nakakarefresh ang lugar kasi ang mainit ang aircon, hahahha nakakasira ng moment. Mainit na nga ang place mainit pa c sungit na crew nila.

  4. I always said that good staff should be a natural offer for cafe or something likewise. It's disappointing that you met a not so friendly staff. I love the drinks they have actually. But yes, if you still have choices, why stay in a place which is just okay?

  5. I'm sorry to read that your experience wasn't as good as it should have been, there is nothing worse than choosing to visit a restaurant or bar over many others that could have serve you better, great info, thanks.

  6. We also have bubble tea places here. I love them! Sorry to hear that you had inconveniences. Rude staff is really the worst and AC that's not working is absolute hell (i can't stand the heat so i think i would go crazy)

  7. It's sad to hear that you had a bad experience with Tokyo Bubble Tea. I had been at this particular branch too and we experienced good service. We also had the Bulgogi nachos and we found it to our liking. I also like their omurice with mushroom steak sauce and their milk teas that are of quality (really taste exactly like the milk tea of what's offered in Japan). I think I'll feel bad too when the AC's not working and the staff are rude. Good thing you have each other's company to make it at least somewhat a pleasant food experience. -Me-An Clemente of http://yogoandcream.com

  8. We've not tried their steak, Me-an but our orders were really delightful! No question about they're food, they're really good. Just these two for me. But we can shrug it off if it means having a good time with friends. 🙂

  9. That's disappointing. Good thing you enjoyed each other's company. Those working in the hospitality industry should be polite at the very least. I used to tell my restaurant crew that those with bad attitudes toward customers and do not smile will stay in the kitchen or stockroom only.

  10. Great! I've heard about Bubble Tea before and went to their West Ave branch. There are many tea places now but it has a distinct charm. Hope to visit this one in trinoma. I will if I ever need a refreshing drink

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