Wednesday Wreview: Hainanese Delights Robinsons Galleria

Last Monday, Nate and I were supposed to join little crafter’s playschool in Shangrila EDSA. Unfortunately, we came very late. And by late, I mean 30 minutes before the class ended. We were so stuck in a heavy traffic. I honestly thought of not going while in the middle of the trip going there but then I realized, my friend, Berlin was there with her son Yael so we decided to still go anyway. 

By the time we arrived, the kids have already sung many songs and were just playing on their own. Nate didn’t feel like joining the little kids so I didn’t force him to hop in. After about 10 – 15 minutes, Nate said he wanted to leave and buy something to eat.  I was just planning to buy some snacks then go back to the venue but then Berlin said they’ll go with us already so we decided to eat lunch.

Ever thanks to Berlin’s GC, because of that, we decided to dine in Hainanese Delights for free! It’s my first time to visit recently opened food chain for so many reasons. One of which is that we don’t visit Robinson’s Galleria too often. Here’s what I can say about this place:

The Place:

Hainanese Delights is a small place. They try to save their space to accommodate more customers. You can choose to sit and eat on a counter or on the tables. This place could possibly accommodate around 50-60 pax. I love white so I really like that their tables and chairs are all white. It’s clean and neat. It satisfies my eyes! Lol! 

Image Source: MomiBerlin 🙂

The Price:
When I go back to Galleria, I’d certainly choose to dine here again! You know why, it’s super affordable. At below PHP 160 more or less per person, we got a good meal + unli rice + fee Panna Cotta. That for me is a sure win! Of course, we have to consider the taste of the food :), don’t worry I’ll talk about that too!

My order: Pork bbq rice meal (unlirice – PHP 150 below)
Momi Berlin’s order (same price and unli-rice)
The Food:

Forgive me for not knowing (or remembering) the names of the orders, I didn’t bring my glasses and I couldn’t read anything, everything was blurred! Thanks to the kindest Momi Berlin for relaying (Yas! As in relaying) the names of the foods to me! (I love you sis! Hehe). So I’ll just let the picture do the talking. 
The rice meal costs no more than PHP 150 and the drinks we ordered was no around PHP 75. I ordered a pork barbecue meal (again, the exact name I don’t recall anymore) and I love what I got. The meat was tender, tasty and juicy. It was cooked well, wasn’t burned and the cut was more than enough for me. But of course, because I am greedy, I ate it all! Lol! Nate also liked the meat in fact, he sipped it for long, I think he was trying to extract all the taste from the meat. 🙂
Mixed Berry and Strawberry Blossom (PHP 75) + Free Panna Cotta
The chicken rice was palatable too. It didn’t feel oily or too seasoned for me. It just tastes right and it was perfect for my bbq meat. I asked for 3 more scoops of extra rice, that’s on top of the 1 cup that I first got along with my order (I know, I really have a large appetite, haha!). Nate also ate the rice without any complaints. And even Yael likes it too! 
Their juice was “OK”, nothing extraordinary but it didn’t taste nasty either. It tasted just fine for me. The condiments that they have were also good. It was my first time to taste that grated ginger condiment, and it adds to the good taste. Momi Berlin said she also tried using that for tinola when she was cooking one at home. 

I think it’s safe to say they liked their meals. 🙂
I wouldn’t doubt going back to this place. In case we visit Robinson’s Galleria again, I’ll make sure to dine here. It’s affordable and I can make sure they serve tasty foods. Overall, we went home full and happy that we didn’t only get a free food, but also really tasty ones! 🙂 

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  1. Looks like the food is good. I suddenly felt thirsty with the iced tea. The pork barbeque looks delish. I think thats a great food find because its affordable. I havent tried it yet but will surely do once im around the area..

  2. Hainanese Delights serves good food! I've only tried their hainanese chicken + unlie rice and I found that it's a cheap alternative for when I can't afford Wee Name Kee haha. This particular branch looks nice too, siguro kasi bago pa hehe. I've tried eating at their branch in SM Fairview and the interior looks meh, the tables were oily and floors were slippery. XS

  3. Oh my, I didn't enjoy my experience in this resto, but maybe your branch did it right. The one nearest our place was substandard, with over cooked chicken. And I know my chicken rice, we grew up in Singapore eating it in hawker centers all the time!

  4. I heard so, too, that Hainanese offers delicious food and is suuuuper sulit! We haven't tried dining in, though. But now, I am considering the place again. Maybe when we go to SM Southmall in Las Pinas, we'll try the branch there. I've already seen their branch there but it's not as big as the one in Galleria. Hehe. Anyway, too bad you got so late because of the traffic. Your son would've enjoyed the activities at he Crafter's Playschool, but I think there's always a next time for everything. At least you got the chance to bond with sis Berlin. Buti na lang hindi ka nagdecide umuwi sa kalagitnaan ng nakakainis (as always) na traffic. Hehe

  5. There's something about the name of Hainanese Chicken that I really find unappealing. It sounds complicated and weird therefore I think the taste would be just as weird. But anyway, for the price of 150, I think that's pretty good. Plus you're given unli rice so I don't think i should complain anymore.


  6. That's an affordable price. I like Hainanese chicken also. I hope I remember that place when I'm in the area so I can drop by there and eat their signature dish. I'm happy for you and your son that you found a nice resto where you can enjoy food together.

  7. THIS IS SULIT! As in super sulit! I've never been to Galleria yet (because it's far and traffic) but when I go there or even reach the place, I'll look for this to try what you ate (minus the chicken because allergies). Nevertheless, I'm curious about the craft school. What do the kids do there?

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