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WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 23)

“In teaching others, we teach ourselves”

September 19, 2016 – My “Train to Busan” experience
I’m too late for this movie! But they say late is better than never so last night, we watched Train to Busan and I was so affected by this movie! I was sad, angry and brokenhearted at the same time! I was crying when the man actor turned into a zombie (spoiler alert). Can I hate the director for doing this to his viewers? lol! I’m a very simple person and I want nothing but for all the movies that I watch to have a happy ending. I need to move on from this movie ASAP!

If you haven’t yet, here’s the official trailer. 🙂


September 20, 2016 – Back to Exercise + Tupperware brands have arrived!
I woke up today and was informed that a package has been received. On my mind, I already had the feeling that it’s from Tupperware PH. Of course the only way to make sure is to open the package, so I hurriedly open mine. To my surprise, I got so many stuff to try out and give my honest review! Whoah! Thank you Tupperware! I can’t wait for Nate to try these products out!

Can anyone tell my why we get excited when we get a package? lol! Because I feel special every time I receive a shipment. haha!


September 21, 2016 – SampleRoom products have arrived! 
I am an active SampleRoom user. I get samples from their websites regularly and many of my product review posts on this blog are from them. Today, I got my most recent shipment to try out and provide review right after. 
I got 3 items for this shipment (order): 

1. Dove Deo Original Roll-On (I’m already using this product, when I saw there’s a sample ready to use, I got myself one). 
2. C-Lium Fibre (Husk)
3. Silka Premium Whitening Lotion Green Papaya
I’ll be trying these products out (except for Dove Roll on because that’s what I’m really using) and provide an honest review later on in SampleRoom.PH (and maybe on the blog too, we’ll see, lol!). 
September 22, 2016 – Dane and Nate’s lovely chat
Last night was Dane’s day off. Thankfully, we had the time to chat with each other. And the best part here is Nate was also in the mood to chat with his papa! It was the cutest conversation for me, I posted a video about their chat via Facebook, unfortunately though, I couldn’t change the setting to public so I can share it here. The only way to do that is by reuploading the photo, which I think will be redundant. 
Nevertheless, I am so thankful and happy for the time spent with them. I’m so happy to hear Nate talking to his papa like he’s an adult. It’s just funny and cute! 
September 23, 2016 – World Travel Expo Event
Today, I was able to attend the World Travel Expo-related event and I’m happy to meet my friends, Mhaan, Berlin and Joy. Not only that, I also met new blogger faces, some I’ve known by Nate, some are completely new to me. What’s good about joining events for me is you get to know more and more people in the blogging world. I will publish a different post about this event soon. 

After the event, I, with Mhaan and Berlin, decided to go to Yellow Tree Café and talk for a few more minutes. Thanks to Mhaan who brought her Yellow Tree Café GC to use. When we first visited Yellow Tree during an OpenRice event, we were given GC’s to use. Unfortunately, I still have to check where I put my GCs. I hope I can still find those. Thanks to these lovely ladies for the new things I learn from them. I will see them on Monday again, with the kiddos this time. I’m super excited!

Yael didn’t care about the camera! lol! 

September 24, 2016 – Day Off/Dental Appointment/Dehumidifier samples have arrived! 
Day off!!! woot! And this day started really right with these products received from HannsGuard. These are dehumidifier that I can use at home. I already opened the Lavender scent earlier today and I like the scent of it! 
This afternoon, we went to our dentist, Doc Viray to have my braces checked. I hope soon my teeth will be completely fixed. ♥ 
As I write this, my son is beside me, playing with my sisters. We just got home about an hour ago from our bible study with our neighbors. Now it’s time to sleep for tomorrow’s worship service. Good bye for now! 🙂

This week seems to be a “sample week” for me since I got 3 shipments! Thanks to all the lovely sponsors who sent out their products for me to try out. These products are sent to me for free to try out. Some are sent in exchange of an honest review.

Thank God for the wonderful week we’ve completed. More time pass means that the time to reunite with Dane comes near too! I can’t wait for him to come home! 

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  1. That train to Busaan na madaming lessons na matutunan. I'm happy na ang enjoy kayo sa Travel Expo event. Hope soon we will see each other again kahit wala ako jan. hehehhe. Congrats din sa Tupperware perks mo gaw. Dami naman.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the travel expo. I was so eager to attend but too bad i do had lots of commitments right now. I still havent watched train to busan. Showing is done in the nearest cinema! Haha.. Will catch it on netflix or iflix if theyll have it.

  3. I'm not fond of horror movies so even Train of Busan is all over my newsfeeds, I don't care. hehehe! I registered in Sample Room but I haven't tried using it. I also used dehumidifier in my cabinet, I have no idea na may scent pala yan. Walang scent yung nabibili ko sa Daiso, lol.

  4. Ikaw na talaga ng maraming bloggermail :). Ihihi. Yes, the train to Busan is a nice watch. Surely even a horror flick has some lessons to impart. Sa susunod, sabay sabay tayong manood sa ating mga bahay. Hahaha. Parang ang cute siguro natin. Tapos sabay sabay post ng nakakatuwamf pics natin na umiiyak pero horror movie naman pinapanood.

  5. It's always so exciting to receive packages! 🙂 I was also late in catching Train to Busan. I was crying buckets at the end. Haha. Oooh, I like those dehumidifiers too. I find them so useful!

  6. So many things to review! Your house must be full of free samples, that's so much fun. I'd love to be receiving boxes like that all the time. Do you make a living from all these reviews, it looks like a lot of work too.

  7. So much happiness in this post! I love reviewing products as much as I love getting them in the mail, haha. Also, Train to Busan was AMAZING. I actually wrote a review about it on my blog and I was left wanting for more. *Sigh. I hated that the only guy left had to turn into a zombie too. So much death, with little – though present – hope. 🙂

  8. Wow! Sounds like you had a really busy but awesome week!!! Haha. I've watched only parts of train to busan, can't seem to finish it 😛 😛

  9. No, I don't get paid to review them. I just get them to try for free in exchange of a review. This is the week that I receive most shipments. I don't really get a lot like other bloggers. hehe.

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