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Sundayvotion: A Servant’s Prayer

Last Friday evening at around 11 PM, a blast ripped through Roxas night market in Davao City, leaving at least 14 dead and many wounded civilians. This news brought sadness to us. Davao City is a city that’s so dear to us.

We grew up in Davao del Norte. When we were young, we’d always be excited every time we go to Davao City. Davao City is where we our relatives meet and it’s always fun to be able to be with them. Sometimes, we’d spend summer and holiday vacations with our family there.

Tragic events like these really saddens me. But what I can’t believe are the heartless and insensitive posts from other people, looking for someone to blame because of this. Nobody wants this to happen. And if there’s any way this could’ve been prevented, I’m sure the leaders would’ve done that already. I am surprised as to others who laughed and made it seem like Davao “deserved” this? What’s going on? Many were hurt and brokenhearted because of this. I wish we can all just unite and pray that nothing else tragic will happen to our dear Philippines? We are one in this, if not each other, who else would we get support from?

I pray for safety of everyone and our beloved country.

Yet give attention to your servantโ€™s prayer and his plea for mercy, Lord my God. Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day.
1 Kings 8:28

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  1. First of all, I pray for the victims. This is a senseless crime against humanity and the perpetrators need to be caught and appropriate punishment be given. As I posted on my timeline, an attack on Davao is an attack on the Philippines.


  2. It's the numbers game. There will always be people like that kasi. It cannot be helped. And kung papansinin mo ang buhay nila, well, their attitude is the reason why their lives are like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So it is best to distance from toxic people.

  3. I was also saddened by the news. And after that I was surprised that lots of people are angry because it's become a way of politicking. The previous elections seem to be fresh in people's minds. I wish people would just unite or at least respect the victims by not making everything political.

  4. Same here. Saying out prayers for all the victims and for Davao.

    When I was child, I used to pray for world peace. Not because of too much beauty contest watching but because I believe it s what the world needs. Still, there are a lot of bombings and crimes. I know God listens an in time, there will be indeed world peace.

  5. It's really sad to hear when we hear these kinds of tragic news. I don't know anyone who would really say that Davao nor anyone deserves this. Both camps have been accusing each other while the ASG are also claiming responsibility for this incident. What's also sad about this thing is, the division is harming us more as a country than this kind of terrorism. ๐Ÿ™

  6. I saw this on the news, it was very sad and tragic and nobody could ever imagine this happening in a place close to their hearts. May God be your comfort and especially be there for the families of those lost in this incident.

  7. I agree with you. Sabi nga nila, when it happens to other countries, the Filipinos are even willing to change their profile photos to show support pero this recent bombing, tinatawanan lang at kinukutya. Crab mentality at its finest. ๐Ÿ™ but we can only pray na sana i-enlighten ni Lord ang isipan ng mga yun. I also pray for you and your family/relatives' safety in Davao. Let's pray na ma-stop na itong karahasan na ganito.

  8. I also pray for the victims and their families. I agree with you that we should not blame anyone about this event. Some are even blaming the president and I'm sure he's the last person who would want this to happen to his beloved city. I hope everyone will set aside their opinions and pray for Davao and our whole country.

  9. That's so true, Charm! I really hope too! And yes, prayers for the family and the victims. I'm sure the gov't of Dvo City will not leave them. I just heard Mayor Sarah had a miscarriage, maybe because of worrying too much and the stress in brought. :(((

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