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Anecdotes from Tots :)

This post is inspired by my friend Berlin of MomiBerlin.com. We knew each other since earlier this year and have met 4 times since then. I like her because she’s easy to get along with and kind. A mother of 4, Berlin loves to write about her experiences as a mom, her advocacies and the things that she learns from workshops and seminars she attended to. We call her “supermom”, because she just is a supermom! I can’t imagine how she managed everything while here I am having a hard time and I only have 1 kid! *laughs hysterically*. 
This is us after Yael’s photoshoot 🙂

I like her posts about anecdotes from tots. It’s wonderful how little kids can make us smile, feel embarrassed and realize so many things just by the simple words they tell us, it’s just amazing! So today, I’m gonna try to remember a few funny anecdotes from Nate.

Of course, first of all, the famous prayer story that got so many FB likes! lol! 

Scene 1: 
I was in such a hurry while trying to finish my dinner quickly in order not to be late…
Nate: Mama, pray usa^ (Mama, pray first).

Me: I shyly smiled and prayed. (Well, I was more of embarrassed, actually, haha!)

Scene 2:
Nate: “Mama, you have headache?”
Me: “Yes, Nate. Please pray for mama, my head is too painful”.
Nate: “*closes eyes* Lord, thank you for mama’s head, Amen!”
How are you VS. How Old are you? 
Me: Nate, when people ask you ‘how old are you?’, that’s when you say you’re two. But when they ask you ‘how are you?’, they’re asking how you’re doing, you can say, “I’m Ok”.
Dane: “That’s right Nate.”
Me: “ok, let’s try, “Hi Nate, how are you?”
Nate: I’m Okay and TWO!!!!

Me trying to orient Nate with different tastes:
Me: “Neozep is…?”
Nate: “Spicy!”
Me: “No, bitter… pait. Kalamansi is…?”
Nate: “spicy!”
Me: “no, it’s aslom. Sour! Chili is?”
Nate: “spicy!!! (Finally got it right, lol)”
Me: “Chocolate is?”
Nate: “YUMMY!!!! (We laughed) SWEET!”
Me: “Time to eat!” 
Nate: “What is that, mama?”
Me: “Spaghetti”
Nate: “Mama, give me SKABETI.”
Nate suddenly awaken from a deep sleep…
Nate: “mamaaaaaa” (wailing)

Me: “I’m coming!”

Nate: “Huhuhu” (He’s not stopping, lol)

Me: “Why are you crying? Stop crying and tell me what happened?”

Nate: “I iwan” (He meant, I was left alone)
Me: “Sino’ng nang-iwan?” (Who left you?)
Nate: “IKAAAAAWWW!!!” (you!) “waaaa!” (still crying, haha!)
Me: “Oh, sorry. Ninaog ko, nikaon ko” (I went don’t to eat). 
Nate: “Don’t kaon!!!” huhuhu! (Don’t eat!)
That was such a funny conversation! His sentences are mixed up sometimes because he knows English, Filipino and Bisaya, lol. He stopped crying after he got his dede (my milk). 
I know there are more, I’m pretty sure! But these are what I can remember for now, lol! 

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  1. They sure are so funny. How adorable as well. I love Nate's attitude. He can be real selfless at an early age. He also listens to his mommy and aba aba aba, tatlo tatlo ang alam na salita ha and he is only two.

  2. Those were indeed funny anecdotes! I remember commenting on the prayer story, too. I used to collect anecdotes from my teaching experience way back in 2012, and I have to say that interaction with children are the best! The word spaghetti is a classic funny tongue twister for little children, and also the word barbecue. 😀 Love the humor!

  3. Oh how adorable! Haha. What a smart kid you have. Honestly, I generally don't know how to deal with kids as I'm still single but I love talking and interacting with smart kids who sometimes speak like adults. Thanks for sharing some funny stories with your kid! 🙂

  4. Aha! Momi Berlin's anecdotes are really nice to read. Some resonates with me so much so that I could sometimes feel myself nearly in tears (for a good reason)! So if I were the other readers, join me and the millions of people around the world following her anecdotes.

  5. I feel you, I don't know how other moms do it too because I only have one kid and nastress na ko. hehehe! The way your son talks, parang hindi two years old. Ang sarap kausap ng kids noh? They are so adorable and funny. To answer you question in my post, yes we visited SG Zoo. 🙂

  6. The feeling when we get embarrassed by kids. Haha. No dull moments with them. Another anecdote to read and to get inspired. Keep these lines documented! 🙂

  7. Such a fun and loving convo of a mom and son. So cute! I smiled when I read Lord,thank you for my mama's head. Amen. haha Kids are just so adorable that convos witj them are really note worthy. 🙂

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