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4 ‘aha! Moments’ During Our Natural Healing Seminar

Natural Healing Seminar with these lovely ladies

My first Saturday for this month was such a productive one! I spent it in The Parenting Emporium together with 3 of my mommy blogger friends, Mhaan, Madz, and Berlin. We learned about the many natural healing options that we can use for our family’s medication and I can’t not share them here. πŸ™‚

Here are the things that I learned during the seminar:

1. Natural Healing: Detox!
Here’s a few things I learned that we can use to detoxify our system:
   Oral VCO
   Coffee Enema
   Sweating through exercise, steam bath & infra red sauna
   High dose of Glutatione IV with Vit C
   Water Therapy
   Intermittent Fasting

Ok, I’ll be honest, I can’t do the fasting! haha. I’m already exercising for 2 weeks now so that’s a check. But I have yet to try juicing. I’d love the massage though! lol.

2. Natural Healing: Factors that contribute toxins in the body
   Pollution in the Environment
   Electronic Toolds

Well, these are given, but the recommendations – I haven’t heard most of them yet. lol.

   No electronic tools in the bedroom
   Detoxify the rooms in the house through plants and himalayan salt crystal lamps
   Use alkaline water with PH levels of 8-11
   Use himalayan salt

Ok, I don’t know how to follow these recommendations! What I can only do is limit the electronic tools in the bedroom if I can’t completely get rid of them!

3. Natural Healing: Change the way you look at fevers. πŸ™‚
What is the real purpose of fever? Are you aware of the fever cure?
Fever is an elevated temperature of the human body that is substantially beyond the normal range. Normal body temperature fluctuates daily from about 1 degree below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.3 degrees Centigrade to 1 degree above that number. Lower body temperatures usually occur before dawn; higher temperatures in the afternoon.

There are 2 phases of fever: 

Phase one: fever and chills, hot forehead, cold calves and feet, temperature is less than 38.5 degrees Centigrade.
-Wrap with blankets
-Hot water bottle on soles of feet and tummy
-Steam bath
-Warm water to drink or hot soup

Phase two: burning hot all over with temperature greater than 38.5 degrees Centigrade
-Sponge bath
-Cold compress on the head

4. Natural Healing: The Power of onions! 
We’re talking about Allium cepa – the common onion here. πŸ™‚

For cold: Chop the onions and 2 tablespoon of wild honey, leave for a few minutes the syrup extract as needed.

For earache: Put chopped onions on a piece of gauze what on the side of affected ear and then put a hot water bottle on top of the onion in gauze. Viola! Instant temporary relief!

Some of us want to heal illnesses using natural options. There’s no problem with that. Nowadays, more and more moms want to go all-natural with the product and medicines that they used for their family. Natural healing may be the route some of us wants to go while some would also rather use over-the-counter medicines. It’s definitely up to us. For those who want to try natural healing you may find this useful! πŸ™‚

Peace from Nate and I to you! πŸ™‚

48 Replies to “4 ‘aha! Moments’ During Our Natural Healing Seminar”

  1. Will definitely use the onion trick. I checked the Himalayan salt crystal lamp at The Parenting Emporium and it is something expensive to me, ehehe. But will try other alternates like the Palmera plant. Really enjoyed this talk and hope to attend to more of this kind with you guys.

  2. I've heard about number 4 from some moms. I tried it last month when my son was sick. Then I forgot about it after I've caught the virus, too! Huhu ang hirap magkasakit. But I always find alternative ways for healing before consulting a doctor. Unless it's already a life and death situation of course! Hehe. Pero with my son, I make sure we consult his pedia agad specially that he's only less than 2 years old. He cannot narrate pa whatever he feels.

  3. I read once that when there's virus spreading in your home, to slice onions and station them in different corners of your house for it to absorb the virus in the air and prevent it from spreading. Not sure if it works as my husband refuses to do it in fear that mice might get attracted to the onion peels.

    Thanks for this. I saved this for reference. Truthfully. Taking out the electronic tools from the bedroom makes a lot of sense.

  4. At home, we've been using Himalayan salt for quite sometime now. I noticed I've become sensitive to the saltiness of food. For others, the food is still bland or "matabang" while for me, it's perfect or "tamang-tama ang lasa." I'd like to do detoxifying a room through plants, though Would you know what kind of plants to use? Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  5. I was really surprised from all the things we learned that day. Didn't know there is such natural remedy for flu and ear ache but my most favorite is how to detoxify our body the natural way. I will definitely relay these learnings to my mommy friends.

  6. Thanks for sharing mommy. As much as possible, I go with natural healing first then med next. I have oragano plant on our garden and it is very useful, we usually made oregano-infused water πŸ™‚

  7. Everytime my daughter gets sick, I wanted a fast relief and if I go all natural I can't seem to find the best treatment for her so in the end I'll have to resort to over the counter medicines. I sue honey for cough, I didn't know you can use it for colds. I will have to try this for myself first before administering it to my child, thanks for the tip btw.

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