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Wednesday Wreview: SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion SPF20

During our church outing last April this year, I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to bring sunscreen. And the sky was cloudy at that time, the sun sometimes shows up, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s how I got my sunburn.

My sunburn after a day at the beach

When I saw this advertisement from SkinWhite on getting white in an instant, I immediately thought, it would be good to use for my sunburn, maybe it can help balance my skin color right away. So I got a sample from my good friend, SampleRoom, and started trying it out. On sunburns: I easily get them, and then it takes time for my skin to go back to its usual color. It’s been 4 months now and the sunburn is still there.

1. About this Product

SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion with SPF20 ensures whiter skin in an instant. It also safely attacks the three stages of melanin production such as:

1. Block UV rays from entering the innermost layer of the skin
2. Suppress melanin production if stray UV rays make it to the skine’s innermost layer,
3. Prevent release of melanin to the uppermost layer of the skin, preventing skin darkening.

Also designed with Vitanourish Formula that contains Vitamins B3, B5 & E and SPF 20, for intense moisturization and protection from harmful UV rays. It uses synchronized whitening action through multiple actives to ensure white skin.

Best for skin type: Dry to normal
Product availability: Available in all leading stores nationwide
Sizes: 50ml / 100ml / 200ml
SRP:  PHP 71.00 / PHP 123.25 / PHP 235
Sample Size:  1 pc. 100ml

2. My 2-week Use
SkinWhite promised a good result, get whiter in an instant but I decided to give it 2 weeks to see the difference. I used it on my left hand & arm, and on the left side of my back. On the right side of my back, I decided not to use any other brand, but on the right side of my hand and arm, I used a different brand.

It could be the lighting, I’m not sure. But for 2 weeks I used the product on my left back and used nothing the right side. I don’t think the left side is whiter than the right side, is it? They look the same for me.  

3. Pros
What I like about the product are the following:
1. No sticky & greasy feel
2. Smells good
3. Thick formula but easy to apply
4. Moisturizes my skin
5. Absorbs fast on skin

4. Cons
All in all, I like the product on my skin, I don’t have any complain about it. But when it comes to their main promise of whiter skin instantly, if I were to focus on that, I would say this product didn’t work for my skin as I expect it to be. My sisters said, there was no difference on my skin color. So maybe, I can use it for daily use but I can’t rely on it’s whitening formula. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Consider the lighting, this is my before and after 2 weeks use of SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion SPF20
Used Skin White on my left arm for 2 weeks and another brand on the right, don’t see any difference

Again, considering the lighting, I had my sister take a photo on the better-lit area. These photos are both taken 2 weeks after product usage.

Overall, the lotion itself is good, but the whitening formula didn’t work for me. That should’ve been what makes it different from other lotions but without that effect on my skin, this product is just like all other regular moisturizing lotions.

Ladies, have you tried this product yet? Did it work for you?

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I got the product for free via Sample Room using my points and just paid the shipping and handling.  My opinions on the products I review are 100% my own. I am not held responsible if you decide to purchase the product and is dissatisfied with it. 🙂 

0 Replies to “Wednesday Wreview: SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion SPF20”

  1. Sorry to hear that it did not work for you. Every product is difference and won't get same results as others. Like what you've said, it takes like forever para mabura ang tan line. I still have mine today, its so bad that I have to cover it up with specific kinda of clothes. Hope you find great product Sis:)

  2. I have a thought on this and this is outside of whether the product works or not (whitening). Why??? Optimal nutrition plus mild to moderate exercise and lots of water results in healthier and radiant looking skin. Regardless of color of skin, a radiant skin is beautiful!

    http://www.amazinglifedaily.com #AmazingLifeDaily

  3. The results you describe are exactly what I would have expected. I wouldn't trust any product that promised to whiten skin instantly. That is simply not possible! That said I have very fair skin anyway and tend to use fake take to darken. I love a sun tan so it's strange to me that you are trying to get rid of one 🙂

  4. I've heard that from many ladies before – whitening products do not work. They are mostly like a normal moisturizing lotion or cream. Nice and honest review of the product.

  5. I guess the whitening effect it promises most probably is the natural color you have. IF you have reached that, what it can do is maintain its moisture and your true color.

  6. I've also tried SkinWhite because my problem is that the skin on my arms are darker compared to other parts of my body. Blame my laziness to use umbrella. Same with your observation, it didn't have a whitening effect on my skin.

  7. I never really believe whitening products because I feel that most of the time, they're just scam…. to sell. But this one looks like a legit review. I'm not really into whitening products but maybe I could try this out. xD

  8. I have tried this before when I had the chance working in a market research industry. I like the aroma but when the lotion touches my skin, I stop. I feel oily, though. My roommates like it because it makes their skin fair. I guess, hindi lahat nagwork-out. It's like "what's good for you may not be good for me.".

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