Wednesday Wreview: Kuya J SM San Mateo

Last Sunday was a rainy day for people who experienced heavy rains last week. I’m happy we made it to church that day because we knew it was flooding on the road already.
Thankfully, we arrived safe and sound in the church, in spite of the heavy rain. Even though our visit to Valenzuela church was cancelled for the same reason, we were able to spend the entire day participating in the church activities.
Our youth service ended at around 6 PM, and since we still had to go to the market to buy our week’s worth of food consumption, I didn’t want to go home with an empty stomach anymore. I just wanted for all of us to be able to rest upon arrival and not worry about what to cook or eat anymore, so I decided we’d stop over Kuya J in SM San Mateo before heading home. It was our first visit to Kuya J and I’m glad I was able to finally try to dine in this restaurant, I didn’t regret going here.

1. Orders and Prices
There were 5 of us (including Nate) who dined during this time. Our orders were simple with ginataang monggo and sizzling sisig as our main course, leche flan for dessert and we didn’t order drinks, we chose to just have water. 
Ginataang Monggo – Php 180
*Serving size: 3-4 
Leche flan – Php 50
*Serving size: 1-2
Sizzling sisig – Php 250
*Serving size: 4
Rice platter (left) – Php 120
*Serving size: 2-3
*Serving sizes depends on a person’s appetite, of course. Since we’re all ladies (plus a toddler), the order was just enough for us. 2 of us have small appetite and 2 eats more than a usual woman’s serving size, lol (I’ll admit, one of them is me, haha! Can’t do anything, matakaw talaga ako! lol)! 
Ginataang Monggo – Php 180
Leche flan (2) – Php 50
Sizzling sisig – Php 250
Rice platter (2) – Php 120
Total Bill: Php 770
2. Reasons why we’d love to come back
I think it’s safe to say we all love the food that was served. We’re all into Filipino dishes so we give this restaurant a thumbs up. 

A. Food options
I like that Kuya J has a large food choices. If you are like us who wants a simple “lutong bahay” menu, you’ll have lots of options here. And if you’re like me who’s a little kuripot, the prices here range from Php 50 – 400 pesos per serving. It’s not bad at all! We use to dine at fast foods and I must say, this is just about 200 peso different from our usual fast food dine.  

B. The Place
The place is clean, even though it’s a bit small. You’ll also have the chance to be able to chat with your companions here while waiting for your food to be served. It’s not so crowded.  

C. There’s HIGH CHAIR! lol. 
I say this because I have a toddler and on most restaurants I visited, there were no high chairs at all! High chairs are such a convenience to moms like me! It helps us eat properly since we don’t have to devote that much attention to our kids while eating. So restos with high chair will always have a plus for me!  

D. Good service. 
The waiters were accommodating, but I can’t say it was outstanding. They’ve done nothing above and beyond but they’re definitely not like those who are unapproachable and unhappy with their jobs. 

3. Downside

I’ll be honest there’s not much downside for me. I am an easily pleased person so this restaurant is perfectly ok with me. One thing I noticed though is the very small washroom space. You’ll have to be alone or it’ll be a tight place for 2 people together.

That’s my sister in the washing area (middle photo) and them squeezing themselves to get a mirror shot! lol. 

Our overall experience was good, we all love the food and we’re definitely going back due to the reasons stated above. Plus, we haven’t tried their bagnet and crispy pata yet, I would loooove to try those out! I hope soon! lol.

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  1. Kuya J is one of our fave comfort restaurants. They serve big and always with a smile. Their staff are amiable and the food are delish. And yes, they have a high chair! You should try their patatin and kare kare.

  2. Oh well , if a place is that busy and crowded , there MUST be something good about it. It's amazing how quickly people find out where to go and where to stay away from ! The food looks fresh and delicious , and according to all these happy faces on your photos , I believe you enjoyed !

  3. That's right! Because you know what, I just remembered there was one place near this resto which was so quiet, when we tried dining there, we promised we'd never come back, lol.

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