Wednesday Wreview: Hanamaruken Ramen (Trinoma)

Finally, after so many discussions, our date was set last Monday. We were child-free for a couple of hours (yahoo!) and we got to chat and had a really awesome time!

I was with my blogger friends, Berlin of Momi Berlin, Mhaan of Mommy Rockin’ in Style and Melisa of Seafarer’s Wife Diaries during this time, and believe me, it was not easy to set this date! haha. We had discussed this for hours on chat, checked if we’re all available at this time and of course, asked permission from our hubbies if we could go out. lol. Turns out, we have the most supportive hubbies in the world so here we are! lol! (Thank you so much gents, you don’t know how much this means to us, haha!).

Since it was raining hard last Monday, Mhaan offered for us to go and try Hanamaruken. Before anything else, let me be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever tried ramen before, and if ever I have, I don’t remember when. And this is my first time in Hanamaruken so I didn’t know what to expect.

Before anything else, a side story:  we came in early and I noticed that their door knob was designed as a knife, I was so amazed, I didn’t realize, the sign says CLOSED! Haha. We laughed it off and I went back and asked when they’ll open. I was told in 5 mins. Lol! I didn’t feel embarrassed! Haha.

We were their first customers. And again, no idea what to expect with their food, I let Mhaan and Berlin order and trusted that what they would order a tasty meal. I was right! Ugh! I want to go back here already!

Without further ado, here’s our orders: 
Chasyu Ramen – PHP 320: Tonkotsu/Shoyu/Braised Pork Belly
Signature Happiness Ramen – PHP 480: Shoyu tonkotsu broth ramen topped with tender, slow-braised custom cut soft bone pork rib
Rice Bowls (left to right) Happiness Rice Bowl – PHP 250 : Pork Rib over Steamed Rice and Drunk Man Rice Bowl – PHP 280: Kakuni with 2 fried eggs on rice

Actually, we ordered more than enough so I got to take home the Drunk Man Rice bowl and give it to my sisters. There’s no doubt they loved it!

Happiness rice bowl tasted fine for me. I was more delighted with the ramen! Wow, both of them are really tasty, I could not choose which of the two is my most favorite, but if I were to choose one, it would be the cheaper one, lol! Since this is my first time to taste ramen (as far as I can remember), I can’t compare its taste but all I can say is I was so satisfied and full with what we ate. Thanks to Mhaan for taking us here!

Just be a careful for those who have high blood pressure, because I felt a little (just very little) dizzy after we ate here. But I can’t tell whether I was just super full or if my blood pressure went up! lol. Although it only happened once. So I can’t tell if the food has something to do with it. 

Restaurant and Customer Service:

And as what other say, if a restaurant is always filled with customers, that only means one thing: they serve delicious food! Hanamaruken was filled in no time as soon as they opened their store! So, it’s safe to say their foods are really gastronomic!

The place, I think can accommodate around 50 – 60 customers, if I’m not mistaken. It’s quiet, but because there are many customers, you can’t expect it to be that quite but you are still able to talk to each other. So that works for me.

On customer service, we weren’t really inconvenienced or given service that goes above and beyond, so for me, their customer service is “OK”, It’s their food that’s outstanding here. I definitely would come back!

Hanamaruken Ramen is located in:
Second Floor, North Triangle,
Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
(02) 720 9283 / (02) 628 1603

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  1. I must say Hanamaruken Ramen aims to spread happiness in the world by means of their carefully crafted ramen. No doubt about being delicious. So who needs the 12noon sun when he can just have a bowl full of ramen at Hanamaruken? Chos. EHhehee. Had fun! Really. Hope to see you again and again and again. Kainan natin lahat ng kainan sa Trinoma.

  2. When you say you felt a little dizzy, the first thing that comes to mind is MSG. Unfortunately, restaurant food almost always has MSG. Even at home, no matter how we try to go MSG-free, the ways a manufacturer (food processor) make their labels is misleading. MSG-free does not mean it does not contain the active ingredient of MSG.

    From the photos, I can say though, the food looks enticing. Pero I am sensitive to MSG nga lang.

    Oh, another reason for feeling dizzy? Indigestion from eating too much! HAHAHA!

  3. It's great to go out on a fun night with friends! And how lovely that they are bloggers as well. Fun to hang around together. The happiness rice bowl looks great. I've ever tried Ramen before at all. So can't say anything about that :).

  4. Exactly my craving for this rainy season. Hanamaruken Ramen, based on the photos, offers a number of tasty selections. I love the idea of spreading happiness. hehe. I want to try a bowl here together with my girl friends. haha

  5. Whoa what a way to end the food trip! Hahaha. I hope that nausea wasn't caused by the food. Yikes. You seem to have had a lovely time anyway, so no harm done, hopefully. I just love a good rice bowl. 😉

  6. Argh I hate that when it happens. Maybe indigestion or reflux, from eating the noodles? Have it checked, just to be sure 🙂 I love ramen, and we ate here during my husband's birthday, actually! Sarap.

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