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Sundayvotion: The Waiting

One of the tiring things to do is waiting. This happens in our daily lives and sometimes, they can be very frustrating. The long queue at a fastfood restaurant, the line in the government agencies where we try to file legal paper works, the process that we need to wait to complete something, we can all agree that these can be very dreadful sometimes. Nevertheless, most of the time, we don’t have a choice but wait.

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Earlier today, I was chatting with Dane and I learned that recently, they’ve been so busy at work and he gets so tired. Before, he told me that whenever he’s tired, he feels so down and along with that he misses us even more and wants nothing but go home. So today, when he told me he’s so tired and that he misses us, I know he’s emotionally and physically down. And what makes it more sad is that I’m not there to even give him a power hug just so he feels better. 🙁

That’s the saddest part of working away from the family. And God knows we wish for this to end soon already, but we have no choice – we have to wait! We still have 16 months waiting time. It is not easy, specially that we use to stay at home all day before he left. For now, the best that I can do is to encourage and try to lift him up – and pray for him always.

The waiting is tiring but when the waiting is done, the joy is incomparable! That’s what I am only thinking now. And that’s what keeps us going. The process itself is something we don’t want to do, but we have to be reminded that waiting makes us patient. It teaches us that not all things can be achieved in just a blink of an eye. And when the waiting is done, the fruit of it is definitely worth it!

The Bible in James 5:7-8 says:

Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. The farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, being patient about it, until it gets the early and late rains. You too be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near.

As a farmer’s daughter, I know how long it takes to wait for the harvest! My father goes to farm everyday without getting any pay every 15th or 30th of the month, but he keeps going. He waits for the harvest – which happens after about 3 months time. It sounds really difficult to do but that’s what our farmers do!

The Christian’s hope is the Lord’s return, to be reunited with God in heaven and experience his greatness for all eternity. In heaven, there’ll be no more sadness, no more pain, no more sorrows, no more problems. And that’s our hope – to be with the Lord forever. But we don’t know when that day will be. So while we wait, we serve, we worship and we glorify Him in everything that we do.

I’d like to share my new favorite song about the waiting. This is what I always play every time I miss Dane. Also reminds me to wait for God’s plan for my life and for His return. Let’s not grow weary in well doing while waiting for the Lord’s return, because in due season, we will reap the harvest if we don’t give up!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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  1. Waiting is an essential part of life. Imagine if plants rushed to open their buds. I believe in proper timing and being ready for something. In this world of instant gratification, it pays to wait.

  2. I felt a bit sad as I read about your husband being apart from you and his children to work overseas and be able to provide for the family's necessity. But time will come that he will never have to leave you guys again. And that's why, I believe so too, he works really hard to be able to save more from his earnings. Both parties just have to sacrifice but the sacrifices and waiting will definitely pay off someday for sure.

  3. Hugs for you sis. I am always thankful that my husband doesn't need to go abroad for us to survive. I will pray for your family that soon you'll be together and I believe it's all worth it.

  4. You must be really proud of your dad for being the great provider and too patient with his crops. And i salute your husband for being dedicated and kin on giving his family the best. Kudos also to you for takin care of your son and enduring the long wait.

  5. Your husband is so admirable! You learned grace and wisdom in your waiting. I too had a good provider for a dad, so I can relate with you. We're going through a tough time now as a family, and my dad still looks out for us as we get back on our feet.

  6. patience is such a virtue that most of us lack nowadays, I guess that's why it is taught many times in the bible to remind us again and again on waiting that things don't happen according to our own timing but according to the creator God's.

  7. aww. waiting is really tiring as we don't know when will the waiting end, and even if we know when will the waiting be over, it's still quite tiring but i totally agree that when we wait patiently, the joy is definitely incomparable.
    when i first saw the title of the post, it was actually love life that immediately came in to my mind. hehehe…
    thank you so much for sharing that song about waiting, i'm gonna search for its lyrics.

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