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Sundayvotion: Finding Stillness in HIM

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We live in a busy world where everything seems to be fast-paced and it seems like everyone is in a hurry.

To all coffee lover moms out there, I think you all can agree that when you wake up in the morning, you want to prepare yourselves a tasty cup of coffee. But as you prepare, you realize you have so many things to do. So you set aside your coffee, you cooked, you prepared your kid’s/husband’s stuff to work, you clean the house, hoping you could go back to your cup of coffee when you’re done with the chores, only to find out that by that time, your coffee’s already cold.

Twenty-first century women are known as the “organizer”. They are expected to manage everything at home and/or at work. They cook, while doing the laundry, while cleaning the house, while helping their kid’s homework, and a whole lot more. This is the reason why most women are multi-tasker, because if not, they’ll only be able to finish a few tasks by the end of the day.
We are too busy managing our time doing the things at home (or other things that keep us busy), but how about our time with God? Are we still able to spend time with Him every day? The bible says, “Be still and know that I am God.” It is in stillness that we can receive the knowledge of God, and not when we’re busy. It is when we stop doing something and meditate on God’s goodness that we can find peace with Him.  
I have to admit, because I myself am busy with so many things at home and at work, there are times that I want nothing but rest and I don’t have time to meditate on God’s word or even pray and sing worship songs for Him. So how does a busy woman spend time with God in spite of a busy day?

Here’s a very simple tip that I read online which worked for me, I’ve been doing it for days now. And I hope it works for you too. Since we live in a world filled with technology, why not use it to find stillness? The tip that I’m using now is setting an alarm every day for a short meditation with God. When that alarm beeps, you can either read the bible, or pray or even sing worship songs for the Lord. I tried doing this for a few days now and I’m happy it’s really helping me find stillness with God. It helps me to pause and be reminded that in spite of my busy day, I need to reflect on God’s greatness and worship Him. 
It is when we do our best to tune out all distractions that we can find rest in God’s peace. 
Have a blessed (and rainy) Sunday!

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  1. I need to start finding time for God. I know I haven't had time for Him in a while but I always make sure to pray and thank Him for everything. This is a wake up call for me. Thank you for this.

  2. That is a nice practice. Would love to do that as well as I promise myself that I will spend time with Jesus now. My last year was so busy that I didnt even pray in some days. Or I would like to assume I was busy. It didnt make me happy.

  3. I still can't perfect this practice but like you, I always feel empty when I don't reflect on God's word so I'm trying my best to have daily quiet time with God. We can do this!

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