Fun Indoor Games for the Whole Family

Family bonding is very important. It helps strengthen relationships and build social bonds. One way to bond is through playing games together. Playing games together creates happy memories that are worth keeping for while it also creates emotional and spiritual healing for you and your kids.

Playing indoor games is one of the most efficient and less costly activities to do for family bonding. Indoor games don’t require you a lot of preparation, all you need is the entire family and start having fun. So, whether it’s raining outside or you just don’t want to go out and would rather just spend time with your family at home, you can create lasting family bonding by playing indoor games.
Here are a few suggestions for indoor games that involves the entire family:

1. Physical Games

A. Treasure hunt – what’s good about treasure hunting is that they can be done in either huge areas and indoors. You can set up a simple treasure hunt at home for the whole family to enjoy.  

B. Hide and Seek – who doesn’t enjoy playing hide and seek? It’s one of kids’ all-time favorite! It’s a simple game that you can play anytime – no preparation nor materials needed at all!

C. Indoor Sports – basketball, table tennis, bowling, you name it! You can play these sports with the whole family. Well, I don’t really mean those sports that require a huge space, basketball usually does, but you can also simplify them by just shooting (and besides, basketball started in a classroom. *wink*) 

2.Thinking Games

A. Pretend Play – what’s good about pretend play is that you let your kids work their imagination. They can be who they want to be. And you can enjoy it with them! I bet even the adults would love to do this with them, I do! πŸ™‚  

B. Story Telling – I included story-telling just in case everyone’s already tired and needs a little rest! haha. As someone who taught children for years in the past, I know how fun story telling can be. The adults can reenact the story while the kids watch and listen in awe with their dropped jaws! lol.  

C. Timed Categories – Use a stopwatch, or I bet your phone has one. Choose any category (plants, animals, foods), and challenge everyone to see how many items they can come up with. Make sure to reward the winner! πŸ˜€ 

3. Board/Paper Games

A. Scrabble, chess, monopoly and more – if you are into these types of board games, this can be awesome games to get the entire family involved!  Most of these board games also include critical thinking, as you need to make a strategy.

B. Jigsaw Puzzles – this is another good game that everyone in the house can play with. I bet it’ll be fun to see how everyone’s so serious about trying to complete their puzzles! haha. Or if you don’t have any puzzles to use, you can find lots of puzzles to play with online at www.jspuzzles.com. I’ve tried it and it’s so easy to play with!  

C. Mazes – there are so many mazes you can find online that you can just print, give it out to everyone (or a group), let’s see who finishes that maze right away! 

What’s your favorite indoor games to play with the whole family? I’d love to know and maybe we can also try that if we haven’t yet. πŸ™‚

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  1. I live in Ireland so we have plenty of rainy days here! We had to learn how to play inside because we had no choice haha! These suggestions are greatx. The jigsaws would be good for the quieter kids. I loved pretend play when I was small. I spent my days 'cooking' for people in my 'kitchen' and then making them eat it!

  2. Treasure hunt's a very effective activity for the whole family. In fact, I chuckled at the fact that my sister took advantage of the game just so she can let the kids realize how much clutter and unwanted stuff was just lying around. Anyhoo, I'd take Scrabble as well. I feel like that game should be learned and played by everyone regardless of your generation. There's an official dictionary for it!

  3. Indoor games were always important for me and my mother. My apartment was small so we did the best we could. I always loved it when my mother would tell me a story! She would usually just adapt a film for grownups so it was a little more appropriate to tell me. We also loved all trivia/quiz games.

  4. That's true. If you want a little peace in the household, go with jigsaws! haha. I love pretend play when I was young too! Your experience was awesome, I've never done that! lol.

  5. Indoor games are always fun if you have people to play with. We'd always play card games, board games and puzzles and would end up laughing because someone would always lose eventually. HAHAHA.

  6. These are ideal activities to do at home especially this rainy season.. my family used to play boardgames like Scrabble and Monopoly.. it is really a great way to bond with your family

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