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Bye July, Hello August!

So I’m here so amazed at how July flew by so fast! Grabe, sobrang bilis ng panahon. On the other hand, I am thankful because that means I will see my husband soon (like in 2017, haha). 

To be honest, I don’t even know what we did last month, so I’m gonna try to remember the things that we did last month on this post. lol. Let’s see what we have last month that I can treasure! 😀 (I’ll have to look at my photo album, lol). 

1. We had a Greenwich Pizza Launch on the first week of July and got to meet a new blogger friend (not to mention we got a free pizza for a year, woot woot!). 

2. Our bible study with the teenagers in the neighborhood started, led by our church’s youth pastor (and I’m praying that this continues, by God’s grace). 

3. I finally had my hair rebonded (after months, if not years, of planning it! lol!) *side note: lagi kong di nabubudgetan ang pang rebond ko kaya tumagal ng ganito, sa wakas natuloy din! haha. 
excuse my vanity. lol. 
4. Our Church Youth’s GIMIC (God is my Inner Cause) Sunday has been resumed, after a months of PAUSE. Thank God! 

5. Had our first CLAG (Central Luzon Association of Grace Churches) Women’s Meeting. I am one of the newly elected officers of the organization, together with Melisa of Seafarer’s Wife Diaries
With Ma’am Joyce Anderson (left) and the officers and adviser (right) during our first meeting
6. The reason why I was one of the newly elected officer was this: I joined the CLAG meeting during the first Sunday of July. 
with our church leaders and workers
7. Yaels’ 1st birthday Photoshoot! I know many blogger moms are going so I’m excited about it, but last Saturday, I was with sis Berlin of Momi Berlin for Yael’s first birthday photoshoot! wooot. I’m not posting the photos here, I’ll let the mommy do the posting. lol. In the mean time, ito nalang muna. 🙂
Sis Berlin and I after the tiresome but fulfilling photoshoot 🙂 

Wow, I did not even realize that I’ve been to so many activities last month. These are just the main ones, not including those I can’t remember anymore, haha. Buti nalang naisip ko ‘to. I should do this often. hehe. Thank you, Lord for all the wonderful memories that I have last month! For the problems I encountered and the trials I’ve survived. Thank you for the gift of friends and families, whom I can be with and I can count on always.

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  1. Cool, fun activities you did in July! This is the best way to document everything, pen them down! Your newly rebonded hair suits you perfectly! Great choice! 😉

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