5 Things You Can do During Rainy Days

Remember how hot it was during summer that some of us wished it’s rainy season already? Guess what, it’s here! lol. It’s been raining hard for the past week and I hope that everyone is safe because I’ve been hearing news about the flooding in Metro Manila and the great traffic caused by heavy rains. In fact, here in our place, some are already flooding too. Please take care, you guys! 

Nevertheless, this gloomy weather makes it really difficult to go out, and even get out of bed! I wish I could spend all day sleeping and staying in bed, but I can’t and I shouldn’t! lol. For those who don’t need to commute to work, what do you do at home to make the bed weather a little more productive? 

Here are some of the things we do during rainy days.

1. Bathe in the rain 🙂

If you are like Nate and I who love to play in the rain, do this! lol. Every once in a while we bathe in the rain, together with other kids in the neighborhood. The heavier the rain, the better. Haha. 

I like to do this because it takes me back to my life when I was a kid – a worry free, happy kid. Plus, it’s an awesome bonding with Nate. I’m fortunate that we have awesome neighbors who completely understand that, in fact some of them do the same! Haha.

2. Watch movies

Many people love to take advantage of the rainy days to watch movies. Although I don’t really do this often, because first, Nate can’t stand watching an entire movie, second is I don’t want to watch rated PG movies with him, even those with fight scenes. But sometimes, we’d watch cartoons together. This very seldom happens. Huhuhaha!

3. Eat!!! Yeah!!!
Champorado, pancakes, sopas, pancit, soup, saging na saba, name it! Ilabas ang lahat ng masarap kainin sa tag-ulan! Haha. I don’t know why but there’s always something about rainy season that makes us want to eat!

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4. Get cozy in bed
We all love to do this, don’t we? Specially with our kids and hubby! Or even do it alone, it’s just nice to get lazy over the wonderful bed weather, isn’t it? You can read even read your fave book, or watch your fave movie, or talk to someone online, or do nothing but sleep! Haha.   

5. Sing!

Filipinos are best known for their awesome talent in singing karaokes! Haha. When it rains, you can “birit” any song you want! Wag mag alala, di ka maririnig ng kapitbahay pag pumiyok! Haha. But if you’re like us, who don’t have videokes, you can just sing any songs with your kids in acapela or while playing guitar! Rainy days makes you want to just sing and dance with your love ones! Haha.

What do you like to do during rainy days? 🙂

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  1. Good tips especially for kids on playing in the rain, of course kailangan malakas ang immune system nila and hot shower immediately after, and then soup. 🙂

    What do I do on rainy days? When I was a kid, I play whatever is available. We grew up poor (and remains poor) and I really did not have toys… ahhh, we did have encyclopedia, it was my best friend!


  2. I agree 🙂 Masarap kumain, magmovie marathon or matulog kapag maulan. Want also to bathe in the rain. Hindi ko na maalala kelan ako huling naligo sa ulan. It's been yearsssss. Hehehe

  3. As much as I wanna bathe in the rain to relive childhood mem'ries, I can't. I always get paranoid every time I hear thunder, so much more when I get to see the dark sky flashes lights. Another thing that most do, or what's appropriate is DON'T DO, is to take a bath. LOL! Be honest guys! 😀

  4. Eat champorado, goto, sopas, sinigang, nilaga and everything soup and hot is the best thing to do during rainy season. But what is challenging is to up in bed and go to work because its bed weather hahahaha

  5. For the past few days that it rained, I really had a hard time pulling my body away from bed. Hahaha! I keep on telling myself that I need to work, I need to cook, I need to take a bath but the weather is just too cozy and all I wanted to do is just read a book while sipping on a hot cup of coffee. Ahh… That life… Which I wish I could do on an everyday basis. Lol! I would love to do number 1 but the last time I did bath in the rain was when I was still in college . And I got sick after. Hahaha I guess it wasn't the good kind of rain when I decided to take a bath under the clouds. Hihi

  6. These days, what we've been doing during these rainy weather is, we just watch movies. My wife saved a lot of movies on USB from his officemates and we were able to finish 2 good movies already. She also loves to cook and experiment some food. Fortunately, she's been doing a really good job on her food recipes. So that's really yummy! 🙂


  7. That's what we do too most of the time but not the last, though. HAHHAA No so blessed to have a golden voice so don't bother ask. What I love the most whenever it rains, eating! You bet!

  8. Wow, that's an awesome movie time with your wifey! I wish I could do that with my husband too, but he's currently away from us. So, I guess, I'll do other stuff for now. lol.

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