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Wee Weekend Activities

Saturday was a lazy day for me! Nate and I just stayed home, did some fun stuff, sang, slept, and cut papers! Lol! Nate loves to cut papers and I let him do it with an adult supervision. Because if not, he’ll either cut things he’s not supposed to cut or accidentally cut his finger!

Yesterday was a busy day, I woke up at 5:30 and readied to go to church. Unfortunately, we were still late, but with consistency (and 30 mins early wake up time, we will make it on time, hopefully!). Our church is located in QC and we live here in San Mateo, we don’t own a car so we commute going there. We need to leave at least 1 hour earlier than the start time to make it there on time. We were able to do that before, but now, we greatly fail at it. I hope we can do it again and be able to go to church on time. huhu.

THE GANG! Me and my team, on our way to church.

1. Church Day
Yesterday, we arrived 30 mins late. So next week, we’re trying again, and hopefully, be able to leave home early. Our worship service ended at around 11:00 AM. I was able to broadcast our worship service for our brethren who now lives/work abroad (including Dane) live, but due to weak internet connection, it seems that the coverage wasn’t good.

Screenshot from a video greeting we made with the youth yesterday for one of our bible women who’s currently in the hospital. This was done after worship service (can’t attach it here, it’s not public).

2. With the Youth

After the worship service, we stayed in the church for lunch with the youth and rested while waiting for the youth worship service at 4PM. Who was the happiest during this time? NATE! He loves to play with his “ate’s and kuya’s”, he sings with them, have pictures with them, even try to play musical instruments with them. I’m happy the youth loves to play with him too, gives me time to rest and watch, lol. 
with the lovely ladies (yeah, I’m the eldest here, lol)
Nate with our youth pastor, lol. He literally, dragged his pants before this photo was taken because he wanted to join in, haha (what’s with the pout? lol)
Nate, feeling “belong” again. lol. He wanted to play the guitar just like his kuya Niel at the back, hehe. 

3. Youth Service
We stayed ’til the end of the youth service to show them we’re there for them. Dane and I loves the youth in the church, and as much as possible, we want them to feel that we care for them, always. This is why even if it’s a youth worship service, I still try to stay with them and join (I want to do it as long as I don’t have any other sched). I hope with that simple gesture, they know that we’re there. πŸ™‚

Photo of the youth during their game yesterday πŸ™‚

4. Greenwich dinner
After the worship service, we hurriedly went to the market to buy our consumption for the week. Then we dropped by SM San Mateo to get my first free Hawaiian Pizza! lol. It was the Greenwich card they gave us during the launching of the Greenwich Crispy Bacon Thins. They gave us a card that entitled us for a free Double Hawaiian Pizza for a year (one pizza per month). I made sure to redeem my July pizza, haha and decided to eat while we’re already there.

Ate my 1 or 12 free Hawaiian Double Pizza in Greenwich, lol. 

It was a busy Sunday but fun-filled. And I was blessed by the message that I heard during our worship service as well.

Today, the new president delivers his first State of the Nation address. I am trying to find an online streaming for that already, since we don’t have a TV, lol.

Source: The Summit Express

May God bless the Philippines!

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  1. You really had a busy Sunday and a productive one I must say. For the whole week, I was bed resting because the doctor advised that I have to bed rest for 2 weeks because I had some spotting recently and I'm close to my last few weeks already. I just hope everything will be fine once we get back to our OB.

  2. Glad to see that you go to church on weekends. We shouldn't forget about our faith no matter how busy we are, because it's our moral responsibility, and an expression of gratitude to our Creator.

  3. Saturdays are always the laziest days in our home, too! Good thing we'd always find something fun and enjoyable to do with the family. You all looked like you had one awesome weekend here! Cheers to more interesting weekends from here on! πŸ˜€

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