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Wednesday Wreview: 4 Things I Learned about Lazada Return/Refund Policy

I’m a Lazada shopper for years. Not that I shop very often but as I checked my account, it turned out I had a total of 8 items ordered from Lazada since 2013, these were the orders that I placed using my account, not counting those that I ordered as a guest, which I think would also be about 5. One of these orders was cancelled without my knowledge but I was informed of the status of it later on.

The most recent order I made had a missing part on it, the USB which makes everything else completely useless. Whether it be a blessing or a curse, I learned so many lessons, and I hope these lessons can make me a wiser buyer in the future.

The Order: Specifications of Ultra-Thin Fashion 2.4G Optical Wireless Keyboard with Cover and Mouse Kit (White)
The Problem: Wrong Color received and there was a missing part (USB to be exact)

1. Always check the reviews
This doesn’t just apply to Lazada orders but to all online orders that we make. I was too careless not to check the review because I was so confident that I won’t have any issues with Lazada, I was wrong. Had I checked the reviews, I would’ve known that the supplier I was about to order my product with doesn’t provide a good service.

The first comment was mine, of course. But if I was too wise to check the reviews, I would probably be hesitant to order – lesson learned.

2. Buyer Protection (BP) VS Satisfaction Guaranteed (SG)
Another thing to check is these two. I believe most items have buyer protection guarantee, which will give you 7 days from the date of receipt to return the item back and get a refund. Satisfaction guarantee gives you 7 more days, so you have a total of 14 days to return your products back. Knowing whether the item has a 7 or 14 days return policy is easy as they’re just beside the photo of the item.

Lazada Buyer Protection (BP) VS Satisfaction Guaranteed (SG)
My order under Lazada Buyer Protection (BP)

3. The New Lazada Return Policy
Now you might think, we’ll that’s not a problem, you have 7 full days to return it, that’s a lot of time! That’s what I think so too, until I learned about the new Lazada Return Policy which is the ONLINE RETURN. As per one of the many CS reps I spoke with, Lazada now:

This is what your order status should be in order for you to be able to file for an online return. In my case, the order status was only changed to delivered “1 WEEK AFTER I GOT MY REFUND”. 

A. Does not send a return slip along with your package. Which means you will have to wait for your item to show as DELIVERED, or the ONLINE RETURN FORM will not be available.

B. LBC staff are not aware of this recent roll out. LBC is where you send your returned items. I was rejected once when in LBC Ever Gotesco Branch because I didn’t have the return slip, even though I already told them I was just advised by the rep to take it to them. I felt humiliated, people were looking at me, I had to leave the place right away. So on my 2nd attempt, I made sure I printed all the email correspondence that I had with Lazada as I was too persistent not to leave LBC without making sure they process my return.

4. The Lazada Customer Service Reps
Being a customer service rep myself, I know how stressful it is to deal with difficult customers. Which is why I tried to maintain my composure when talking to them. They were helpful and I got my refund, the only thing to note here is that I had to call them 4 times before my issue got resolved. Of course, I also understand the escalation process since we also have that at work, but 4 calls to get my issue resolved is upsetting for me.

1st call – I was told to wait fill out the online form and wait for my order status to show delivered. I called the day after I got the package. That gives me 6 more days to return.

2nd call (Thursday) – I told them that the my order was still showing SHIPPED instead of DELIVERED and I still couldn’t fill out the online form. I was advised to just take the item to LBC and they will do the return for me even without the return number (that’s when I was rejected by LBC – Sunday).

My return date was extended by a day. I printed this and took this with me to LBC

3rd call (Monday) – I complained that LBC didn’t accept my return and that it was my last day to return. my order was still not showing delivered. At this time, I didn’t want to be a headache so I still didn’t ask for a supervisor. I know how difficult it is to escalate a call, specially in call centers. It’s also time consuming as some supervisors let their customers stay on the line for long. I was given 1 day extension to return and was ASSURED that the package will show DELIVERED by today. That didn’t happen, but at this point I don’t really care, I just wanted my money back. I didn’t want a replacement, even though I like the product, it’s super cute and thin, but I don’t want to deal with them anymore. Buti nalang at Php 799 lang ang item na ‘to, but of course, I’m not gonna let that amount go!

4th call (Tuesday) – package still showing shipped and not delivered. I was told to take the package to LBC and use the order# instead of the return number. I had her send me an email so I can print and present it to LBC, also told them that LBC isn’t aware of this new policy (of course, the CSR can’t do anything about that).

Another email I printed of the advise to take the package to LBC even without the return form

Are the reps helpful? Yes they are.
Are the reps polite? Yes they are.
Are the reps quick to resolve the issue? No, they’re not. (and I understand it’s part of the escalation process).
Was the issue resolved? Yes, it was but it took me 4 calls (with a minimum of 10 mins per call for the issue to be resolved, that makes it 40 mins minimum talk time with the Lazada reps).
Lesson: You’ll get help, just not RIGHT AWAY. You’ll have to keep calling in order to get the resolution that you need.

Tuesday – Finally, my return was processed in LBC San Mateo branch. I released a huge sigh of thanks that finally it’s done! I treated Nate and I out for an afternoon snack in one of the local bakeshops near LBC.

Sunday – I got an email about my refund to be redeemed at LBC.

Tuesday – I got my refund.

The following week, my order showed DELIVERED, at laaaaast! The week after I got my refund. Yahooo, haha!! *insert sarcasm here*

Was everything worth it? Well, I would say, it is. 799 is still 799, I won’t let them take that when I don’t have my product. But it was certainly a stressful process.

Have you had any issues with your online order? How did it go? I’d like to know your story. 🙂

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  1. That's pretty hectic. I don't want to experience the same thing. Since I've read negative feedback regarding Lazada's shipment and their poor products, I hesitated to buy from them. Hopefully I can get the courage to purchase in the future.

  2. As of now, I haven't had any issues regarding ordering online, but I prefer LBC which delivers in just one day. The others deliver 3-5 days, and as a customer, there's this excitement of getting the item fast. =)

  3. UGH! I hate it when companies and people are very inefficient. I've never had trouble with Lazada before, and I hope I never do! But now I know what I need to do. Thanks!

  4. I have always wanted to shop at Lazada but reading my friends' negative reviews that they post on Facebook and hearing personal stories, it makes me doubt Lazada more. There was this one time where my friend ordered stuff from Lazada which was worth almost P3,000. She called and contacted Lazada team for almost everyday but no one was giving her the right information and help that she needs. It was almost a month since she ordered and it has not been delivered yet. She emailed customer service and after how many days she received a response that it will be delivered within the week. She was so keen in tracking her package. Then one day, she tracked it again online and poof she saw that it was returned for the reason that no one was there when the package was delivered. But in fact, my friend was at their house the whole because she decided not to go out of the house because she's waiting for the package.

    I don't know why Lazada does not improve their service despite the thousands of complaints that they receive.

  5. I shop online, but for vouchers only specifically in Deal Grocer. My boyfriend has also warned me that there are bad sellers via Lazada so I have to be cautious. As I prefer seeing the item at hand rather than buying online, I guess it's a blessing in disguise for me. – Me-An Clemente of http://yogoandcream.com

  6. I haven't tried returning items yet but their process sounds familiar, it's actually a pretty common process. The logic behind is that, you cannot return something that you haven't received yet. So you need to have to receive the item prior to be able to return it. Dell has a similar process as well. Though I think Lazada still needs to work on making their process a lot leaner and clearer for everyone to follow. (Sorry for the long comment, I work in a supply chain hence the above explanation). 🙂

  7. That's ok, thanks for the insight! 🙂 And I completely agree with you, that's the process that we have at work too. The only problem I had was that, I already got the package, in fact I got it on time, but the status of the order on the website is still showing "in transit", hence, I can't file an online return form since the package is still not showing delivered, even if I got the package already. They didn't close my order right away, even if I already got the rest of my order, that was the problem.

  8. LBC is an awesome carrier, I think they just have to communicate with Lazada very often so they know Lazada's recent roll outs, as it seems that they aren't updated. lol.

  9. Honestly, I heard a lot of bad reviews for Lazada's products that is why I am scared of buying there. Good thing you post tips, I learned so much about Lazada and ways of ordering. Thank you!

  10. I understand how frustrating that kind of scenario. My previous experience with Lazada is really good actually. The item came earlier than we expected but there are so many complains from Lazada nowadays that I'm feeling worried about it. I hope they get back on track.

  11. I used to shop at Lazada too but only for small items. Bigger products means the higher the shipping fee. I remember last week when my sister and I decided to buy something from the site but upon checkout we were shocked that the shipping fee they will charge is around 1k plus. And that's half the price of the item we were about to buy. I have no problem with the CS though but I think it's expected to have a frustrating experience when buying online.

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