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WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 15)

Quote I learned this week: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”

July 18 – Hair Straigtened! 
It’s funny I’ve been planning this for months and months now! I finally had my hair rebonded! Woot wooot! haha. I remember, Dane would tell me, I am so “kuripot” to myself that I very seldom treat “me”. I either don’t care too much about my look or I’m just too simple not to care about my fashion, make up, etc. But recently, I started learning to spend a bit for myself, a few clothing sometimes, I also bought a few simple basic make up. I’m not great with fashion, trend and make up, but now, I’m treating myself for a hair rebond and I like it! lol!


June 19 – Learning about Insects! 🙂
Today Nate and I learned different kinds of insects. This isn’t plan. I don’t really plan our activities for now, I just go with what I can think of. Today he was singing “caterpillar” to the tune of “watermelon, watermelon, papaya”, that song. You know that, right? Hehe.

Then I changed the lyrics to caterpillar, caterpillar, butterfly, butterfly. Ladybug, ladybug, Ladybug, ladybug. Dragonfly, dragonfly.

He likes it when I sing new songs, sometimes I just make them up. Hehe. Then I realized, he hasn’t seen a dragonfly yet. So I showed him a photo in Google. I showed him photos of butterfly, ladybugs, caterpillars, mosquitoes, spiders and other bugs.


June 20 – Fern-C Products Arrived!
My Fern-C products are here! Yay!!!! I hear a lot of good reviews about Fern-C but I have yet to try it out. I’m happy Fern-C didn’t just send Fern-C Kidz for Nate, but also sent a month worth of Fern-C capsules for me! double yaay! And on top of that, they sent Fern-C Kidz towel for Nate, it’s super cute, it came with Fern-C characters, Nate loves it!


June 21 – Missing the head of our family
I suddenly missed Dane so much. 🙁 Although I got used to it already (him being away and will not be back ’til 2017), I still miss him each time. Today, I thought of him and decided to make a photo slideshow and tagged it to him. Oh, I can’t imagine how I miss this guy! 

June 22 – Dysmenorrhea 🙁
Earlier today, I woke up unaware that the red tide’s here! (pasintabi sa kumakain, lol). So I went straight to the restroom and changed. For 2 straight months now, I’m back to having dymenorrhea on my first day of period, which I hate the most. I really don’t like having dymenorrhea. huhu.

I bought pain reliever to ease the pain at nakatulog ako sa sakit. Thankfully, the pain was gone when I woke up. Time check is 4:53 PM, I just finished preparing snacks for our weekly bible study with the teens. We’ve been planning what to prepare since yesterday. Then I decided to make ham and egg sandwich for them today. I hope they love it. hehe.

Last day of work, so… yeah! Thank you Lord! 🙂 And tomorrow’s gonna be a busy day, we’re starting out with Yael’s 1st birthday photoshoot immediately after my shift.

Thank you Lord for this week!

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