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WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 13)

Quote I learned this week: “Life is too short, smile when you still have teeth! LOL!

July 4 – Lazada Problem continues
I have mentioned this last week. I am having a little issue with Lazada and I hope that it gets resolved. I recently bought a wireless keyboard and mouse, I got the wrong color (black instead of white), which shuold’ve been perfectly fine, however, there’s no USB mouse on it so I can’t use it at all. I’ve already called Lazada and I am still waiting for my order to close so I can file an online return.


June 5 – Teaching Nate 
Dane and I video calls as long as we have a chance. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to wait for months anymore in order to receive a letter from your love one who’s working from afar. We would chat, watch while the other is eating, whatever, just as long as we could talk. Even if Dane is away, he tries to still teach Nate anything that he could teach him. Just like today, and I were trying to teach Nate the difference between the 2 most commonly confused toddler questions:

-How are you & How old are you?

Nate answers both questions by saying TWO (2), his age!

Me: Nate, when people ask you how old are you, that’s when you say you’re two. But when they ask you how are you, they’re asking how you’re doing, you can say, “I’m Ok”.

Dane: That’s right Nate.

Me: ok, let’s try, “Hi Nate, how are you?”

Nate: I’m Okay and TWO!!!!

Dane and I burst out laughing. haha. Now that’s what you call playing safe!


June 6 – Back to my Lazada issue
Alright, ’til today, my online order still didn’t show delivered so I still couldn’t file an online return and I only have 7 days to return my item. Today is the 8th day already (they gave me an extension yesterday) and it’s still not showing delivered. I called Lazada for the 4th time and now, they allowed me to take my return to LBC, even without the Return number. I took Nate to LBC with me and sent my return. As usual, they asked me for the return slip, I told them, I don’t have any. I made sure to print all the emails that I got from Lazada so they know that this is something they can’t just ignore. And, I was so not planning to go home without making sure my item is returned. lol.

After the long wait, I finally had my package returned and Nate and I went to a local bakeshop nearby to get a few treats. We ordered spaghetti and cupcakes and went home. There’s no dull moments with Nate, he’s such a talkative boy! lol.


June 7 – Good sleep ♥
Earlier this week, I decided to let go of my part time job, the reason is I won’t have time with Nate anymore. On top of that, I am not satisfied with the rate, so I politely told them that I will have to let go. I’m thankful I did, although that’s “sayang”, I am reminded to be contented and that my family is the most important of all.

The entire afternoon, I was with Nate, we played, we sang, we ate, we recite a poem, we had fun taking pictures using the Snow App, if you’re familiar with that, then we slept around 3:30 PM. The weather is so good, it’s cozy, you can’t not sleep! lol. Here’s one of our videos from the Snow App.

A video posted by Nilyn Elardo-Cartagena Matugas (@dnilyn12) on


June 8 – Take Care!!!
It’s been raining since yesterday, I guess the typhoon is here. Keep safe everyone! I’m a bit worried ‘coz tonight, I’m going to attend an event with Greenwich in SM San Mateo later, I hope the weather calms down.

TGIF!!! But, wait, I’m a mother! lol! Nate has been sick with cough since last Wednesday and I really hope he gets well soon. Good thing he’s now taking medicine, unlike before when he wouldn’t take any meds at all and would cry every time he sees me get some medicines for him to take.


June 9 – Another work week is done!
A pat on the back for me! Another work week has ended. I can’t wait to rest and spend more time with Nate. However, it seems that today will have an awesome bedweather, so I don’t think we’re going anywhere. It’s the perfect time to cuddle with my son. I’ll end this here now, so I can sleep.

Take care everyone! Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. I haven't ordered anything in Lazada because of the mixed reviews. I rather go to mall to buy stuff kaysa naman mastress ako. I hope your issue will be resolved na, I experienced that in one online shop, nirefund ko na lang sa sobrang tagal iship, 3 wks na paghihintay.

  2. Sorry to hear about your issue with Lazada. Sometimes talaga online shopping can also be risky. Glad to know that this was just the first time it happened to you and that they'll at least give you a refund.

  3. What a week! I remember my problem with Lazada before, maling order din and there was too much misunderstanding na that we didn't bother getting our refund na. Anyway, I'm sure yung sayo mare-resolve since nag-okay naman ilang customer service karon. I can really relate to the LDR part – alam mo na haha!

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