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Beb’s Going Straight Salon Experience

A few weeks back, I posted about our awesome experience in Going Straight Salon. On that post, I didn’t mention that we took home a few goodies with us. We got a set of Going Straight Shampoo and conditioner for our hair, hair mousse and several discount cards.

My sister, Beb, was so happy, she made sure to keep the hair treatment gift card on there and tried it the following week in Going Straight Salon – Ever Gotesco branch. So of course, I asked how her experience was.

She said that the staff were nice and friendly, so that’s a plus. And that she’s treated well and good. She said the treatment came with a good head massage. When she said that, I told her, “I hate you!”. hahaha. Because I really wanted a good massage (whole body massage if possible). She liked it very much and she didn’t pay for anything extra.

I told her that treat was supposed to be mine, she just laughed so hard (parang nang-iinggit pa). haha. But of course, I was just fooling around. I told her she should think of that I my treat, lol. I’m happy she got to experience the good service that Going Straight Salon offers to their customers. I’m planning on going back to have my hair rebonded. I’m not sure when, but I’m pretty sure, soon.

This is her after the treatment. Her hair looks absolutely nice!

Have you been to any Going Straight Salon branch yet? How was your experience?

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