Wednesday Wreview: Buffalo’s Wings ‘N Things (SM San Mateo)

Last Saturday, we had to drop by SM San Mateo first before going to the church for an officer’s planning because I had some important errands to run. While there, my sister and I decided to dine at Buffalo Wings.

This was our first dine here and to be honest, I don’t know if I ever want to come back, lol. In fairness to their staff, they were kind and accommodating, I guess, it’s just the food that we don’t like the most.

1. The Place
The place looks pretty decent. It is clean, nice and looks well maintained. They have this road traffic theme with US-road signs everywhere. They also have a television that plays US-shows on there.

While waiting for our order

2. The Staff
The staffs are friendly, as I previously mentioned. They’re very welcoming and helpful. I won’t say they’ve done anything that’s above and beyond my expectations but they’re those that you won’t hate as well.

If you notice the lady behind us, that’s the one who helped us with our order. She’s nice 🙂

3. The Price
Let me be honest, the price is the reason why I chose this place in the first place. At Php 99, they had a value meal with chicken buffalo wings, iced tea and rice filled with spices, so that’s what we ordered. I also ordered an ice cream cheese cake since Nate is obsessed with ice cream. I got that for Php 89, quite pricey for me, but knowing that Nate will love ice cream,  I chose to buy one.

NY dirty rice

4. The food
Disclaimer: we are so much into Filipino dishes, this is our comfort zone. Considering that, I would have to say, the food was not palatable to us at all. It could be just us because we don’t like rice with too much spices but that’s how we felt about the food.

They were served hot and nicely but the smell of the spiced rice almost had me and my sister leave! Lol. Honestly, to us, it smelled (pasintabi sa mga kumakain) like an unwashed armpit for days! Again, that’s just how it smelled for us. Others may have a different experience. But then, because I know I had to eat it, I still did (sayang ang bayad ko, no?, haha.)

Buffalo Wings with Garlic Parmesan

My sister didn’t like hers either and only ate a few spoonfuls of rice. Btw, they didn’t have plain rice – that was my initial order, so, we had to go with what’s available. The chicken did taste well; I was able to eat 2 of them. My sister just ate one. There were 2 more remaining which I asked to take home instead.

Now ice cream is being served and Nate was all excited! At least it’s something that we all like to eat. So Nate started eating it, and much to my surprise, he didn’t like it! Lol! He actually puked a little and didn’t bother to ever taste again. I didn’t like it too but still ate it (because again, sayang ang bayad, haha) but in the end, I still didn’t consume it, it just melted so I had to throw it away. It tastes good, just not the typical ice cream we use to eat, must be why Nate puked because this was a completely new taste for him.

Look at that little hand, so ready to get his ice cream! lol!

Bottom line: we were not happy with our first experience and when going to SM San Mateo for a dine again, I’m sure it’s going to be the last store we’ll ever think of going. I told Dane about it and he said it could just be because we were not accustomed to foods with lots of spices. He said, that’s exactly what he felt the first time he ate “kabsa” in Saudi, but now he loves eating it. So I guess, it’s just not the right store for us. But I bet others have a good experience here.

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  1. Restaurants like this normally rely on heavy spices and different flavors. I guess it's different for everyone.

  2. We've been able to try Buffalo's Wings N Things twice, in two different branches. During both occasions we only had the wings. We weren't able to try anything else in the menu except for some drinks. It was an okay experience for us but I wouldn't say they're the best chicken wings I've ever tasted.

  3. I have only been to Buffalo's Wings N things once and it was at their Moa Branch and I have to say the food is okay considering the price. I have to agree on the rice as I was not able to finish it considering i love spicy food as the smell was just too strong.

  4. so sad your experience wasnt that great. my boyfriend and i are actually a frequent visitor of wings n thing katipunan and since we love wings, we dont really have any problems with the food. their combo meal for the wings is sulit. though we havent tried their rice yet. but as for the wings, we really loved it.

  5. I had a horrible experience at this place but in Fairview. I've never thought to visit it again as every time I see it I'm put off. I'm surprised though that the food was that dismal.

  6. Smelly food is a very bad sign and you can get very nasty intoxication from chicken that hasn't been cooked properly. You should have sent the food back, complaint, and choose another restaurant to go to.

  7. I remember my first taste of Buffalo Wings last February thought I haven't noticed any problem with the food. I guess you should go try another buffalo wings restaurant.

  8. Awww. You sounded happy at first but when it came to the taste, I guess that's a problem. Maybe the food was not cooked very well? I hope you did give feedback to the store, I think it's important that they address your issue if it's not something normal.

  9. First of all I didn't know about SM San Mateo! And wings are my favorite. I'd always use my hands. This looks really delicious. Have you tried Frankie's at SM Megamall?

  10. I love Buffalo Wings N Things. I really think they offer the best tasting buffalo wings in town. I'm curious about the aroma of the rice though. I don't remember it smelling like armpits. I truly hope your experience is not true with any other branches, at least with the Glorietta 5 branch it's not.

  11. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with food. It's so frustrating to go to a restaurant ad end up liking the food. I have a feeling the rice have too much cumin powder hence the bad smell.

  12. Awww. This is actually one of my favorite restos- Whenever I am near a branch, I always request my husband to dine- we actually love it, even my daughter love it. That Garlic parmesan is our all time favorite and we always end up ordering for more plus tons of bleu cheese on the side.

    I am sorry to know that the taste isn't for you and your family. I guess what you said was true- you guys are not just accustomed to eating food with a lot of spices. We on the other hand loved it so much. Xoxo – jaimie, http://www.themermaidinstilettos.com

    PS that dirty rice that you didn't like- we ate loads of those, hehe.

  13. Haven't tried eating at Buffalo Wings n' Things. I'm quite sensitive with rice, though I like spiced rice I don't think I can consume it if it smells bad.

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