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Wednesday WReview: Babyflo Baby Shampoo

Since I want to do all my groceries at once, it’s more convenient for me to buy Nate’s stuff along with all the groceries. I do my groceries every other week, after payout, of course, haha. And even though I like the Personal Collection Shampoo and Bath Soap for Nate, I can’t find them in groceries and I can’t seem to find any seller nearby, so I had to look for another brand that I is available in the supermarket. Not that I’m giving up quality over convenience, it’s more of looking for another product which has the same quality, but with a cheaper price and is more accessible. Hence, the Babyflo Baby Shampoo.

1. The Scent
What I like about this product most of all is its smell. It smells really good and it’s perfect for Nate. You know how toddlers can get super active and hyper sometimes that they get too sweaty, right? So before you know it, the scent of the soap and cologne is gone after an hour or 2. With Babyflo Baby Shampoo, Nate’s head still smells good even after a few hours of activity. So, the smell of the product is really important for me. And this the main reason why I stick to this product.

2. The Price
This product doesn’t cost more too. With a price around 54 pesos and some change, you get 125 ml already. That usually lasts for about 3 weeks for Nate with daily bath. Not bad at all, super cheap.

3. Free from Tears formula
With its “no-tears formula, you don’t have to worry about the bubbles going in your child’s eyes. I always look for this formula when buying Nate’s soap/shampoo since he’s still young to know how to avoid getting the formula into his eyes.

4. The Availability
Babyflo Baby Shampoo is available in almost every groceries. I buy it either in SM San Mateo sipermarket or in Mercury Drug near our place. And that’s what I like about it too, for it being readily available when I need it. Convenience is very important to me, I can’t waste time just looking for the product that I need. I want it to be available whenever I need it, and that’s what I like about Babyflo Baby Shampoo the most.

Babyflo Baby Shampoo is available in Mercury Drug, SM supermarkets and all leading supermarkets near you.

What shampoo do you use for your child? I’d like to hear from you.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. My opinions on the products I review are 100% my own. I am not held responsible if you decide to purchase the product and is dissatisfied with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Havent tried this as well but seems a good choice given the scent, price, and availability. My baby uses Cetaphil. We have a few bottles of Tiny Buds, Belo Baby and Pigeon as well thus we use them, too. Sayang naman. But i think he is more hiyang sa Cetaphil and Tiny Buds. We are yet to use Belo Baby.

  2. My kids have been using J&J for quite sometime alternating with Suave Kids. But upon seeing the price, super sulit nga talaga ang BabyFlo! Will try that pag naubos na ang stocks namin. =)

  3. I used Lactacyd blue when my kids were small and cetaphil too. When they were growing up, I used J & J no more tears formula. But, I kept changing brand whichever catches my interest in the grocery store. I haven't tried this though..

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