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WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 9)

Another week, another blessing! 

June 6 (6.6.16)
Too many 6 today! Today’s the start of Ramadan for all our Muslim friends. So, Dane and all his workmates have a different work shift beginning today. Most of their work now starts in the afternoon ’til dawn.

Today, he told me they’re heading to the Red Sand together with his workmates in their entire branch. Btw, he’s recently been promoted, thank you Lord! I asked him how he’s doing and I think he’s starting to be less home sick and that’s really good. I think he needs to enjoy his stay while he’s away and that we should do the same here too. That’s fine, as long as we stay true and faithful, and we keep our connections open. I praise God that the sadness isn’t as intense as the first 3 months he was away. ♥


June 7 – Sick! 🙁
Just got off work and today’s one of the hardest day at work because I am both having migraine and sore throat. Urgh! I’m gargling warm salt water to help with the sore as my Bactidol is consumed. I wish I also have Strepsils nearby but the pharmacy’s far here. So I’m gonna go out later and buy meds for this sore throat. I’m sad ‘coz it’s just the first day of work, I still have 4 days to work and I’m physically down on Day 1. Nevertheless, I still thank God I could still come to work and do my duties. 
June 8 – Still sick and getting worse! :((
Thanks to Bactidol and Strepsils, my sore throat is finally gone! One problem though, it turned into colds. huhu. This is not a good week for me, I feel so weak. I hope that Nate will not be contaminated by this, specially that we have a very close contact (ako nalang, wag na sya). Today, I took more fluids, took half a glass of pure kalamansi juice, and took neozep. I hope I get better. 
June 9 – Colds + Cough
Grabe, my illness isn’t stopping! But I’m not stopping either. I’ll do everything I can para matapos to agad. earlier today, I took Solmux and bought kalamansi again so I can have my boost of Vitamin C. This sickness can’t defeat me. By the end of the week, I should be feeling better already! Aja!

June 10 – Still Getting Better
Thankfully, we have lesser calls at work today, my voice could rest, because if not, baka mapaos na ako sa kakaubo. This cough is super itchy, I think nasusugat na ang lalamunan ko. My voice is changing, nagbibinata na ako! haha! But seriously though, it least now, the phlegm is going out already, yesterday, wala, ayaw lumabas. I am getting better but not completely healed.

Plus, Dane is also sick in KSA. He’s having headache. So, now, I am more worried about him, considering that he’s alone there. I hope we’ll both be fine already.

June 11 – A lot better! 🙂
I am so much better now, not only because it’s my off, lol! But because I think my illness is leaving anytime soon. Pawala na ubo’t sipon ko. Thank you Lord! I hope I’ll be completely healed before Monday comes.

Next week will be a challenging week at work, so I hope that all goes well and may the odds be ever in our favor. Lol.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

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  1. If only we are neighbors, ive given you stepsils. Got so many from an event. Nway, hope tuloy tuloy na galing mo. Anyway, I Went to the venue with Yael and reserved na for August 6. Theme though is Lego superheroes as they dont have ready Up theme. Will be asking for the cupcakes and cake design na lang plus dont forget the photo shoot. At talagang dito ako nag update. Sorry, excited na nanay e.

  2. I had migraine also yesterday and it was such a pest! It made me such a grouch and it made moving impossible. Whew, glad it's gone now. I'm so glad too that you're feeling so much better. Cheers to better health! 🙂

  3. I like the way you journal. And the medium is forever. YOu can look back at this page 3, 5 or even 10 years from now and it'll be awesome 'cause I know you'd even remember the smell of your surroundings while you wrote this!

  4. Glad you're feeling better. Hopefully today it has gone away. The weather though being rainy and everything I'm sure will give us lots of reasons to be sick!

  5. When I was on phones too, sobrang ayaw na ayaw kong may ubo ako. Dumating pa nga ko sa point na bawal na ko magsalita kasi may infection na yung throat ko. Hope you feels better na.

  6. Aw, so sorry to hear that. You know in call centers diba, kahit ang sakit na, papa gargle ka lng ng Bactidol, then go back to work na. haha. I do feel a lot better, thanks! 🙂

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