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WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 8)

Ola Amiga!!  

May 30 (Monday’s back!)
Wow! Where did time go! Just a few days back, I was so happy I’m on off again. Now, guess what, Monday’s back! haha! Nice one! But, I have so many things to say, yesterday, we had a BLLLLAAAST during our family day in Iba, Zambales. That was Nate and I’s first (and last) summer getaway! I had so many sunburn but we went home with a smile on our faces! πŸ™‚ I’ll talk more about our experience soon! πŸ™‚

May 31 (Birthday Bash!)
Today’s one of the days that I have so many friends celebrating their birthdays! Today’s my sister’s 26th birthday, she celebrated it along with her “twin sis”, she called her that because they were born same day, same year! Isn’t that amazing? Also, Nate’s ninang is celebrating her birthday today.

On top of the 3 I mentioned, our good neighbor and our cousin-in-law is also celebrating their birthdays today! What a great way to end the month!

May tatlong bibe akong nakita, 
mabait, maganda, mga bibe, 
ngunit may isa na naiwan sa Pinas, 
Sya ang bibe na nauna mag birthday!
Mag birthday, mag birthday, 
Sya ang bibe na nauna mag birthday!
lol! Korni and out of rhym! 
Happy birthday to my 3 sisterettes!
To my sisterrr Beverly na malditahon, push lang ang schooling hanggang makatapos. Ingatan ang pusong mabilis masaktan, at wag ibigay sa lalaking di karapat-dapat. πŸ˜€ Ingat sa biyahe pauwi, see you later, aligater!
To Beb’s twin sis, Alnie Lala, tinitigan ko pic mo kanina, bakit parang hawig mo si carrot man (I hope you know him)? Pareho kayo, maganda ka, gwapo sya. hehe. I miss you, hope to see you soon!
And to my kumare, Emelyn, God bless you always. Malayo ka man sa pamilya, may pamilya namang anjan malapit sayo at nagmamahal sayo. See you in His time! <3 p="">

Happy birthday Beb and advance Happy birthday Ems and Lala! Enjoy this day and thank God for another year. Love you all! Muah!
My birthday girls: Ems (Nate’s ninang), Beb (my sister) and Lala (my sister from another mother! 
June 1 (Oh June!)
Hey June! I can’t believe you’re here! Wow! Time really flies nowadays! Who would even think that Dane has been away for about 9 months already? In no time, he’ll be back to be with us. This is what makes me really excited, the fact that, because we live one day at a time, we don’t notice the how long it has been since he left. And sooner or later, we’ll realize it’s been 2 years already! I can’t wait for his homecoming! I miss him so much! I’m sure Nate misses him too! 
June 2 (Happy birthday, Goldilocks!)
Today, we’re headed to Enchanted Kingdom for Goldilock’s 50th anniversary! Woot woot! And I can’t hide the excitement! Why? Because I’ve never been there yet (I know, call me promdi, that’s true! haha). We’ve been to Skyranch, but never to EK. So this will be Nate and I’s first EK experience (and hopefully, if my sister can come along, it’ll be her first too).

June 3 (Fridaaay!)
We had a blast at Goldilock’s 50th anniversary yesterday, but going home wasn’t easy, we were stuck in traffic for 3 straight hours (welcome to the PH!). Thanks to my boss for allowing me to log in late yesterday, I was still able to get a 2-hour sleep yesterday and I didn’t have to worry about the traffic because I know I’d be able to go home on time.

June 4 (Day Off!)
Thank you, Lord for the day off! Now I can have more time with Nate! Just got off work, I need to sleep now so we can play and have fun later! ciao!!!

How’s your week?

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  1. In our family marami din kami magkabirthday. Kabirthday ko brother and niece ko so bihira kami magkasama-sama kasi madalas may kanya-kanya kami celebration. hehehe!

  2. I heard that the Goldilocks treat in EK was a blast, wish I could've been there with the kiddos but couldn't make it. Inggit naman ako sa sleep time mo, haha. I don't remember the last time I actually slept peacefully, heehee

  3. Looks like you had a fun week. I had a pretty steady week, nothing quite exciting like yours. I think your best day was spending with your child in EK. Well, days well spent with our kids will always be the best days. πŸ™‚

  4. Congrats on your hectic yet fun week! If I were to post my own documentation of how my week went, baka puro trabaho at client meeting or site visit lang mailagay ko. #HagardoVersoza

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