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WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 10)

Cheers to better health!

June 13 – Merry Monday!!!
I praise God for healing my sickness. I am now so much better. Today, we spent the day watching movies, haven’t watched movies for a long time already, so that’s what we did today and over the weekend. I actually felt great to be able to have movie marathon again! lol. Nate didn’t have the patience to watch but he has his way of keeping himself busy, so, thanks Nate for letting me watch movies every once in a while! 🙂

There must be something about weekend that healed me even faster, lol. I was so happy, I even chose to wear the same outfit as Nate’s going to church yesterday! 🙂

In a few more days, I’d be completely healed, but I really don’t feel sick since last Friday anymore. Except for a few coughing every once in a while, I don’t feel any pain anymore. Thank you so much Lord for healing me and for using the medicines I used so I could gain my health back! 


June 14 – Arte-Arte with Nate
Today, I remembered that I can use “okra” to do crafts. If I didn’t personally do it in Elementary, I’m sure I’ve seen in from other class. So I got some okra and used the water colors we got from Nate’s toddler buribox since we still have blue and red left, got some manila papers and enjoyed some fun and simple color game with Nate.

After that, I thought, now that kids are going back to school, I think it’s great to also schedule some crafts/arts time with Nate for a few minutes everyday. So I am off to looking for possible online suggestions for toddler indoor activities. I hope Nate likes them. 🙂


June 15 – The Mane Event @ Going Straight Salon
Today, I’m one of the few bloggers who got invited to the Going Straight event in Going Straight SM North. This is the first time I had my hair colored and I specifically told them I don’t want a blonde hair, my nanay will scold me, lol! This is us after the session 🙂

with Anna of My World Mommy Anna & Berlin of Momi Berlin

This is one of the longest time that I was away with Nate. I think I was away for 6-7 hours, and that’s really a long time for me already! The last time I left Nate to be with his lola and uncles, he was crying really hard so I was worried but I’m so happy he never cried. I missed him so much! haha.


June 16 – Home with Nate
Today I am home with Nate! ♥ It’s fun, we had a simple activity, we played, we colored, we pasted shapes, we had a great time! Nothing’s more wonderful than being able to spend time with the people you love.

I’m looking for online activities right now that I can use for Nate to make our afternoons more wonderful. 🙂 I can’t really cope with him running and playing basketball (sorry son!), I just can’t, hinihingal ako! haha. So I’m looking for ideas on what we can do instead, like crafts, reading, singing, anything that we can both enjoy doing. 🙂


June 17 – Happy monthsary again, my love!
Today’s Dane and I’s monthsary again! We have so many monthsaries, we would laugh because we often forget it, just like today! lol! But 12 & 17, yes we always try to remember these dates. 12 is our wedding monthsary and 17 is our actual monthsary.

I haven’t greeted him yet. We don’t really do extraordinary things, we just tell each other happy monthsary and remind ourselves of our love (sandali, ba’t kinikilig ako? haha).

Anyway, today, I noticed that DFA website has changed. It looks like it really just happened today. Gone are the usual red/white DFA website them. I noticed it because I set up an appointment for Nate and I’s passport application. Well, nothing extraordinary, I just wanted to renew my passport (which by the way, my 1st passport was super clean!lol, never ko nagamit aside from ID purposes), and for Nate’s application. 🙂

We’re hoping we go somewhere, and by somewhere, I mean outside the country, as a family: Dane, Nate and me, when Dane comes home. Just a tentative plan, nothing really serious pero pag nangyari, why not, diba? So getting our passports ready, just in case. lol.


June 18 – DAY OFF!!! wooot!
Yaaay! It’s day off, finally! ♥ Today’s gonna be a busy day so I’m gonna make this super quick. I’m preparing to go to Robinson’s Galleria now, just got off work, btw, to meet our cousin who’s leaving to work for Riyadh as a nurse tomorrow.

Later today, I’m having a technician come over and repair my Globe Tattoo LTE broadband, it didn’t work since last night’s shift, I was offline for more than an hour. Good thing 3G works good in this area for Globe, I was able to register for an UnliSurf plan from Globe and connect got a connection via my CP’s hotspot, thank you Lord!

Today’s another busy day! God bless us all! Have a great weekend guys!

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  1. I remember those days that we really stopped watching movies because my son can't stay in one place. He doesn't like dark room but now he loves watching movies.

  2. Watta fully loaded week mommy! Happy monthsary! Katuwa because even if we have babies na we dont forget to celebrate monthsaries! Iloveyourlook sis after the hair color! Ganda!

  3. You had a busy week! Nice your hair color ha. 🙂 And like you we have a lot of materials left pa from my son's own Buribox subscriptions. We also still use them until now.

  4. Mas maarte na ang website nila ngayon, but I think it's for the better. Check them out, you might like it. Ako kasi nasanay dun sa dating website nila.

  5. Such fun carefree days and truly well-spent. I love the okra art and the number activity with Nate. I cant wait for our Yael to grow up na so we could also do arts and crafts. But of all, I love the mane event. Your new hair suits you- kulot man or straight. 🙂

  6. Thank you sis! Of course! That's my highlight of the week as well. Thanks to going straight, pinaganda talaga nila tayo lalo (kasi maganda na tayo in the first place e). hahaha.

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