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Simple Toddler Activity :)

Toddler activities don’t have to be expensive. We can do it in a very simple way, using ordinary things we mostly have in stock at home already. This is what’s great about our kids, they don’t need costly things in order to have fun. πŸ™‚

Sharing one of the simple activities that Nate and I did the past few days. This simple activity kept Nate busy for about 40  mins. Here’s what we need (most of these are already in stock):

1. Writing & Coloring Activity 
This will continue to help your child learn about the different colors and get used to holding pencils/crayons and writing/drawing. I wrote numbers and had Nate color them so he can help and get busy. Children love to do what we do, they want to do adult stuff. They don’t want to just sit and watch, they want to get involved.

So while I was finishing the numbers for our games later on, I had him help me color and write. While working with your child, you can always ask questions, no matter how busy they are, they will answer. lol.
You can ask simple questions like: “What number is this?” or “what color is this” or even say, “color number 1 with red”, etc.

2. “Jump on the number” game
Kids, as we know have a short attention span so we have to think of a different activity if we want to make use of our materials. lol. So when I noticed that Nate is starting not like coloring/writing anymore, I tried to finish everything quickly then excitedly declared: “Okay, let’s play!”. haha. There, I had his attention again.

This game will help them be more familiar with numbers, although Nate is already very much familiar with numbers 1-10 and is working on reading 11-20 now, he still had fun doing this activity. This activity also helps them get on their feet and be active.

Have your child stand at the end of your now done number set and say, “jump/step on number 5/6/9 (etc)!”. Keep doing it, they’ll love to do it again and again. Encouraging your child while playing, as we know will also help build their confidence so, say, “good job” if they did it right or correct them nicely if they didn’t get to the right number.

3. Shape making and pasting
Do you let your toddlers play with scissors? I do, with supervision. So for our 3rd activity, to help him take a rest, we cut different shapes and set them aside for the 3rd activity. This activity will help them even more with shapes and numbers.

You can make as many shapes as you want, use as many colored papers you want, it’s up to you. There’s really no “by-the-book” rule when playing with your tots, is there? What’s important is they learn while enjoying what they do. πŸ™‚

After we cut the shapes, I took the glue and place them on one of the shapes and say, “paste this heart/star/triangle to number 3/6/1”. Keep doing it until you finish all the shapes or ’til your child lose his interest. lol.

This is a “hitting 3 birds in 1 stone” activity for Nate. I’m glad we both enjoyed it. This activity did not cost me anything but it benefited many: fun and learning for my son and more bonding with him. We both had fun during the entire activity. I’d love to do it again with him anytime soon.

What activity do you usually do with your kids that is inexpensive but fun? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. These are great activities! And can you imagine it's using the same materials, just adding on a bit with a new activity. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Go go go Nate! I love doing activities with toddlers — they're so easily fascinated lol! When my son was 2 (yata), we made play sand (just white sand + corn starch + food colour). Kasi naman, it's so easy to get white sand here hehe.

  3. These are great ideas! I used to be so patient with making these kinds of activities with my boys. I'm getting too tired and busy these days though. Tsk tsk, I must get back to it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That was time well spent with your little one, Mommy! It was learn and play at the same time. I also agree that kids have short attention span, so we must make our activities exciting and fun for them.

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