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Goldilocks 50th Birthday Caravan at Enchanted Kingdom

Last Thursday, June 2nd, we had the privilege to be able to attend the 50th anniversary of Goldilocks and it was a fun-filled and memorable one! I’m literally smiling right now while writing this!

This year, Goldilocks celebrates 50 Golden Years of being the country’s number one bakeshop, having opened its doors to the public last May 15, 1966. Since then, Goldilocks has become a Filipino icon and a cherished family tradition for generations of customers.

As part of its ongoing festivities, Goldilocks has lined up delightful activities through its Birthday Caravan, including a two-day visit to Enchanted Kingdom. Employees, friends, loyal customers, and members of traditional and online media were treated to a carefree and fun-filled experience at the amusement park, in keeping with the celebratory atmosphere of the 50th year anniversary. We’re blessed to be invited as part of the media during this awesome celebration!

The Goldilocks Birthday Caravan is one of many initiatives that the Philippines’ best-loved bakeshop has undertaken this year, in order to commemorate five decades filled with sweet moments and countless Filipino celebrations. Even after half a century of leadership, however, Goldilocks is still moving forward, finding new and innovative ways to serve its next generation of customers.

We left Manila at around 10:30 AM and arrived in Enchanted Kingdom at around 12:00 nn, I believe. EK doesn’t open ’til 12:45 so we had to stay in the bus for a while.

Once the theme park opened, we hurried to the the food court to join the ceremony. We were welcomed by the company president, himself, Mr. Richard L. Yee.

Children’s presentation during the program
Lovely dance presentation from one of EK’s dance group
EK fire dancers also presented a breath taking dance during the program

The program was composed of performances from the Enchanted Kingdom performers and mascots as well as Vice Ganda Kalokalike and grand champion Daniel Aliermo. The program ended with the blowing of the Goldilocks cake with us singing the happy birthday song. 🙂

Vice Ganda Kalokalike and grand champion Daniel Aliermo and his very funny sidekick
EK mascots dancing before the program ended
Blowing of the Goldilocks cake. 🙂

Thank you so much to Goldilocks for allowing us to be part of their golden anniversary!
Happy birthday, Goldilocks!

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  1. Love Goldilocks celebration cakes! And their Apple Rasin loaf hahaha… My daughter loved the rides there at EK too when we went for their field trip… It's also awesome to see that the Vice Ganda Kalookalike champion is now hosting for these awesome companies! nakakaloka lang! :3

  2. Goldilocks chose a great venue to celebrate it's 50th birthday. I haven't been to EK honestly. Hehehehe. Looks like a really fun-filled event. I'm pretty sure the kids had a great time, and the moms too!

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