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Going Straight Salon & Nouvelle®: The Mane Event

Last week, I was one of the bloggers who got invited to The Mane Event of going straight salon, in partnership with Nouvelle®, held in Going Straight SM North branch. It was one of the longest days I wasn’t with Nate. And thankfully, he was behaving nicely while I had my pamper time! 🙂

Even though I arrived late, I was greeted with the friendly and welcoming team of Going Straight Salon. Good thing we were still waiting for 2 more bloggers when I arrived, lol! But seriously, I was late because of traffic and it so happened that Nate woke up before I left, so I had to make an “escape”. haha.

The Mane Event started with us being introduced to Going Straight and Nouvelle®. Nouvelle® has recently launched 2 of their products for coloring and hair breakage repair:

1. Lively
Lively is the new generation professional line for coloring and protecting hair. Its special formula, without ammonia and parabens, does not damage hair and does not irritate the scalp, providing a delicate coloration, suitable for sensitive skin. The color is intense, natural, bright, and provides a perfect coverage of white hair.

Lively is not only coloration but also a veritable nourishing treatment that takes care of the hair structure, thanks to the use of active ingredients of natural origin, such as sweet almond oil and lotus flower, known for their soothing, softening, moisturizing and invigorating properties.

After the event, we got to try Lively on our hair, and this is an awesome product. You know the smell of salon products right? The smell of chemicals on your hair when you go outside the salon after having your hair treated? yes? No, I never had that smell with Lively!

Dane used to tell me “Amoy salon kana naman, love” every time I go home after having my hair treated at the salon. If only Dane is here, he’d be the first person to say he never smelled any chemical on my hair!

2. Eslabondexx™
Fact: However gentle the formulation, a chemical process always damages the hair: it breaks internal bonds, leaving the hair dry, brittle and ultimately weak.

ESLABONDEXX™ is used in combination with any chemical hair treatment, prevents damage before it can even start, preserving and protecting the hair structure whilst the chemical treatment is acting: in fact, ESLABONDEXXTM strengthens the hair structure delivering elasticity, strength, enhanced condition, and preventing it from breaking.

After being introduced to Going Straight, Nouvelle, Lively and Eslabondexx, we got to meet the Core Group of Going Straight salon. This group is composed of Going Straight’s stylists who worked for the company for years and years already! They’re experts from different branches of going straight salon and for once I got so excited to see who would work on my hair and how it would turn out. 🙂

The Going Straight Salon Core Group I was assisted by Ms. Iwa (2nd from the left) and Sir Romeo (last) who were kind and bubbly! 🙂 Btw, I never had my hair colored before, so they say my hair is resistant (to the chemical, I guess, this this is my first color treatment, but thankfully, the outcome was still wonderful 😉

I didn’t have any idea the treatment would last for more or less 3 hours! But of course, no hair treatment is fast, so, we had an awesome “me time” while having our hair done. I was with Mommy Anna of My World Mommy Anna (who was the first blogger I knew) and Momi Berlin of Momi Berlin and we had a good chat over a Pancake House packed lunch. 😉

I don’t have my “before” photo, but my old hair was longer, pure black and frizzy, lol! I don’t know which one to choose, I think I like both hair! lol! 
Look at us, don’t we look lovely? 😀

The person behind my new look, thanks Sir Romeo and Ms Iwa (not in the photo)

Thank you so much Going Straight salon for having us, and for giving my hair a new, awesome look! You really followed my request of having a subtle hair color (I don’t like to have a blonde hair), even if you thought I might look great with blonde, lol! And thanks to Ms. Iwa and Sir Romeo for helping me out with my hair, and giving me a nice haircut! 🙂

Another reason why I didn’t ask for my color to be obviously far from black is because my mother would freak out when she sees me with hair color. She’s conservative and she thinks that we should not do anything on our hair/body because they’re wonderful for what they are. She’s right, I guess, but, I’m sorry nanay, I don’t agree with you, hehe.

So if you are planning to have your hair colored anytime soon, head over any Going Straight salon branch and request for a Nouvelle® Lively products for your hair as soon as you sit on their chair! lol.


About Nouvelle®:
Thirty years of experience and the constant search for innovation give birth professional high quality cosmetic products.
On top of being a guarantee of hair care and attention, Nouvelle® is also synonymous with style and trend.

Always searching for different, modern, creative looks, Nouvelle® is the trendsetter

that has created a new young and contemporary generation of colour and style.
Leading player in professional colouring, Nouvelle® now boasts more than 15 product lines,

ranging from colour to hair care and styling.
About Going Straight Salon:

Going Straight Salon has been in the business of hair and grooming for more than 20 years. They started in 1993 as one of the few salons in the country to offer straightening. Today, GS is known not just for straightening and hair rebonding but also for a lot other hair styling and caring services. They also provide aesthetic services for the nails. 

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  1. I'm curious what colors are available for the brand Lively. I'm actually thinking of coloring my hair a little bit.

    You look nice with your new hair! I agree with your stylists, blond would've suit you. 🙂

  2. Would love to have my hair colored too but after I give birth na. 🙂 I've had my hair colored previously but this time I'm thinking of a color that's a bit more wilder, like dark purple. 🙂 Yours look good!

  3. Been hearing good reviews about Nouvelle and going straight salon. You have a lovely hair! I tried to avoid so much treatment with my hair actually but seeing these innovations make me think twice. I might try to dye my hair, but only the bottom part.

  4. Wow! You guys look so pretty with the new 'dos! 🙂 It seemed like a good time to get pampered wouldn't you think? They did a great job with making pretty what was already beautiful. My mom freaked out too when I first got my hair colored, but I think she started to like it the more she looked, haha.

  5. Oh it sure was. A great "mommy time" for us. 🙂 haha, I can only imagine what my mother would say if she notices this new hair color. Good thing it's not too obvious.

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