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Enchanted Kingdom Experience

I’ve previously mentioned our great experience as one of the online media during the Goldilock’s 50th anniversary.   The program was fun-filled and we’re so grateful to be able to experience it with our family. It was done during a hot afternoon, we were sweating but we really had fun!

Wait, I should add that it’s Nate, me and my sister’s first time here! 🙂

Goldilocks was in Enchanted Kingdom! 🙂

May I just say that it’s very nice of Goldilocks to do this, not only for their employees but also to online media and the school they sponsored to join. I can only imagine how much everything it cost them to put this 2-day activity up, but they didn’t bother – I think it’s their way of giving thanks to their loyal employees. No wonder why they have employees who stayed with them for 30 years or more, amazing!

We enjoyed the program so much, in spite of the very hot and humid day. We were smiling ’til the end of the celebration. After the program concluded, we had lunch, which was also sponsored by the company, then, we were given time to enjoy the wonderful Enchanted Kingdom. We experienced a few rides before going home. Nate enjoyed the swan boat and the carousel as well as his favorite ice cream! Lol.

About 6 PM, we headed home, got stuck in traffic and went home after 3.5 hrs. It was tiresome but memorable.

With Mommy Bloggers Melisa of Seafarer’s Wife Diaries with hubby, Berlin of  Momi Berlin with her son & Mhaan of Rockin’ Mommy in Style with her knees
Happy tots in Enchanted Kingdom

Thanks once again to Goldilocks for allowing us to join the awesome anniversary program as well as enjoy the theme park before going home. Each bloggers were treated with a free “ride-all-you-can” ticket, Php 200 worth of EK money and a loot bag with Goldilocks goodies for us to take home. Which by the way, was almost consumed before we head home because Nate was eating them. It was perfect for snacks while we were there!

Goldilocks was the cake I used during Nate’s 1st and 2nd birthday. Goldilocks is indeed a well-known bakeshop for decades now and it continues to be a Filipino icon and a cherished family tradition to some.

Melisa & ZD = Nate and me
With my very sister, Beb who was very helpful the entire day! Thanks, Lay!

Happy birthday once again, Goldilocks!

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  1. The first time I went to EK was my son's field trip 2 years ago. Hesitant ako at first kasi feeling ko hindi ko ma-enjoy. But I was wrong because EK is love and looking forward to going there again.

  2. I wish to visit Enchanted Kingdom again! I've heard that they offer a lot of new attractions now than the last time that I was there. I'm glad that you enjoyed your first time 🙂

  3. honestly, I have never been to Enchanted Kingdom but I have seen the place countless times in TV…. your post made me eager to visit this place real soon! The first photo looks so amazing! Great shot!

  4. Owner of Goldilocks has a kind heart. For him/her to do this is a proof. I remember my last ek experience, i was with my collee friends. We were so jaded at the end of the day but what's important is we enjoyed. Looks like you and your family too.

    Aika | aikaloraine.com

  5. Goldilocks is such a household name. I can't believe it has been 50 years and it is ao generous of them to treat consumers to EK. You all looked like you had so much fun!

  6. Yeah, 50 years and counting. Actually, this event made me like Goldilocks more, I have to admit, before Goldilocks was just a back up, never my first option.

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