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Dane’s Riyadh, KSA Adventures! :)

All this time, I thought Saudi Arabia was nothing but sand! I was so wrong! lol! During the past few weeks, Dane and his work mates’ work schedules have been changed because of the Ramadan. Along with that is an opportunity to be able to visit the wonderful places in KSA.

I was not there to personally experience the thrill and excitement but I’m happy that Dane got to enjoy his time with his workmates. He was so happy to tell me about the wonderful places they’ve been to. I wasn’t envious but I sure hoped I was there to admire the place with him! Here’s 2 of the wonderful places they’ve been:

1. Red Sand
Red sand is around 80 KM from Riyadh. When there, you can hire a bike to roam the sand dunes and can take some pictures. Riding the ATV & discovering the desert wonders is such an amazing experience for around 30 SAR/hr (that’s about PHP 370.49).

This is definitely a wonderful destination for OFWs. I remember Dane told me, “akala ko di ako mag eenjoy dun love, ang saya pala!”. He even enjoyed his “semplang moments” with the bike! haha. He also said that the sand was super fine, I told him to take home a bottle of it! haha. Oh, I love that he’s able to enjoy this place, check their photos πŸ™‚

You don’t know how I miss to see your smile and feel your dimples, dude! haha.
That’s him with his workmates, I think I know most of them by their names. πŸ™‚
Another group photo. Oh, I wish I could teleport! lol. 
I would love to try these bikes out! I don’t care if I fall so many times! haha. 
Riyadh is such a wonderful place! 
Be careful, lab! haha. 

2. Ain Heet Cave
If you’re like me who thinks that KSA is nothing but sand, alas, we’re wrong. Dane and his friends’ 2nd stop was in Heet Cave. Ain Heet cave or Dahl Heet is an underground lake, at the face of Mount Al Jubayl in Wadi As Sulay in a small village called Heet in Riyadh.

Heet is about  40km from Riyadh City Center (in the Al Kharj highway) going towards Al Kharj. About 5km from Heet Exit towards east on an off road takes you to this entrance of the cave.

Heet Cave profile view. Image source: Saudi caves

The mouth of Ain Heet cave is about 20 meters wide and it narrows down to approximately 5 meters while you cave a distance of 100 meters inside. (Source: Splendid Arabia)

Dane told me this place is so nice, but so dangerous. He discribed it as “matarik” (steep) and you have to make sure to watch your steps, one small mistake can cause trouble with all the stones in it. But when you reach the lake, you’ll get a dip of the cold and nice water!

This is Heet Cave’s facade. Under that is where the lake is located
It does look steep and dangerous!
I think I can see the lake already, lol! 
Groupie! That’s him and his work mates
It’s pretty obvious that brown is the dominant color! haha!
Left: Dane and his managers, right: them going down the cave
There’s the lake! πŸ™‚
I’d love to experience this place! I don’t know if I ever will be, though! 

Even though I wasn’t there to personally enjoy these places, I’m happy for Dane to be able to visit them and have a good time! I’m happy to see him happy. πŸ™‚ Just enjoy your time while you’re away, Lab, don’t worry about us here, we’re all fine. Take care of yourself always! πŸ™‚

42 Replies to “Dane’s Riyadh, KSA Adventures! :)”

  1. Oh the mid east is lovely! Perhaps you could go visit one time under a family visit visa. I have spent years in the neighboring Oman since I was little. You'll be surprised how cold it can get too. πŸ™‚

  2. The sand dunes of Riyadh are so iconic! You're so lucky to have seen it. I wish to see it in this lifestyle and see a real, living camel too!

  3. wow good for hubby na nakapasyal siya sa KSA. First time to hear those places because just like you, akala ko puro disyerto sila hehehe. I remember when i was in dubai, excited kami magramadan kasi long vacation. Parang pasko! Hehehe

  4. I also have the same thinking before that Saudi Arabia has nothing but all sand and sun. But since one of my friends went there and always tell stories regarding KSA, I now know that the place has a lot to offer. I wish I can travel soon and discover more in our country before venturing to a different place.

  5. I guess if you haven't been to the middle East, that would be the normal impression. Ako rin kasi, hahaha. I want to go to Dubai one day to visit a couple of friends and to see the place din. Not sure if I'll be able to have the opportunity to see Riyadh, but who knows?

  6. As for me, when I hear Saudi, what comes to mind first is violence because of terrorism. I'm sorry if that's my impression of the place. It's because of the news. Thanks for opening my mind that there's something more than that in Saudi. I would also love to experience those red sand! It really looks fine on the photos. πŸ™‚ Glad they indeed looked enjoying. πŸ™‚

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