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WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 7)

Here I go again!  

May 23 (Hello again, Monday!)
Monday’s back! I’m glad we’re able to rest and stay at home today, weekend was the busiest (as always) that I was even awake for 24 hrs because of our church fellowship. But it’s perfectly fine, I’m happy and blessed with how the fellowship turned out.

Last Saturday was also the Blogapaloza, unfortunately, I didn’t make it there due to the busy schedule but I hope I could attend the next event, I heard there are 2 Blogapalooza this year. ♥

May 24 (Busy @ work!)
First day of work was busy, as expected 🙂 and the rain poured hard last night, I guess summer’s over! :). But it seems that today’s a hot day again, so I don’t know. We’ll have our first and last “hirit” sa tag-init this coming Sunday for our church family day, so excited for that already. We’ll be going to Zambales and fellowship with our church brethren there. 
May 25 (A companion for Dane)
Yesterday, with Dane’s advise, his brother went to the agency where Dane applied and had an interview with the same company. Fortunately, he passed the interview and is now completing his requirements. Problem is he’s not scheduled for DFA appointment until July 26th, so this is the thing we regret the most. Had we prepared it a lot earlier, he would’ve proceeded with filling all the requirements and could possibly leave to KSA no later than August.

But God has a plan, so we give everything to Him. If this isn’t for him, then so be it. It’s just a bit exciting for us since it’ll be a lot different when Dane is with his brother there, at least bawas lungkot. 🙂 So praying for the best!

May 26 (DFA Appointment rescheduled)
There’s hope! Thank goodness my brother-in-law is very patient, he’s been checking the DFA website for sooner appointments and he got a sooner appointment on July 11th yesterday. I let him borrow my laptop for 2 days now so he can monitor the changes in the availability of the dates on the website. He’s been staring on the computer monitor for hours, there are June schedules but the competition is fast, you lost the schedule in just a blink of an eye! Today, he’s mistakenly rescheduled for July 22 as he thought it was June 22nd, but thankfully, he was able to reschedule for July 12th again. Whew!

Welcome to the Philippines, where passport appointments are 3 months from the date of online application! Anyway, good vibes nalang, watch me sing while Nate climbed on my back! lol!

May 27 (DFA Appointment rescheduled again! For the good this time!)
Thank God, and kudos to my brother-in-law’s patience, he was again able to reschedule his appointment today for a sooner date! yaaaaaay! His appointment will now be this coming June 13th! It took him 3 days to finally get that schedule, God is great! By next week, he’ll start preparing the rest of his requirements and hopefully, with God’s grace, he will leave for KSA no later than August this year!

If you need to reschedule an appointment with DFA and you need a sooner date badly, here’s how we did it. I mentioned several times on that post that this route takes a lot of patience! So good luck if you’re trying it out. 🙂

May 28 (DAY OFF!! woooh!)
Thank you Lord for this day, I’m spending it with my Nate. Tonight, we’ll go to the church to leave early for our family day tomorrow. We’re going to Zambales. I’m excited for this! Nate’s going back to the beach! Yaaay! 😀

This is our first and last “hirit sa tag init” this year! lol!

Enjoy your day! 

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