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WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 5)

Hey there! Here’s my endless talks! 😛

May 9 (#HALALAN2016)
This is the most awaited day! I was planning on leaving home early to participate the election, problem is, Nate was sick (cough, colds & mild asthma) since this weekend after we celebrated his 2nd birthday.

So I had to stay home and voting in the afternoon instead. I was able to do so and there were fewer people when I arrived. But we had a problem with the VCM so it still took more than an hour to wait for our turn. And worst, we didn’t get a receipt. Update: Read my entire election 2016 story here. Nevertheless, I pray for the best for the Philippines.

May 10 (FB Messenger and IMO calling banned in KSA)

Dane and I have been having issues video calling since last Saturday, we thought it was just because of the upcoming elections. However, earlier today, I learned that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia banned Facebook messenger and IMO calling! That’s a very sad news for families like us who depend on video calling to update each other. They can still use FB messenger to chat and send messages, however, they could no longer make voice and video calls.

Skype on the other hand, isn’t a good option because it’s too blurry and reception isn’t good, so Dane and I had to find another app that would allow us to video call.

May 11 (Lonely house)
Today’s an ordinary day with just me, Nate and my mother-in-law here at home. My sister went home in Tagum since April and my brothers-in-law have already left too. I gotta get used to this set up because this is what we’re going to be until Dane comes home next year. House will be full only during vacations and sem breaks. It’s fine, we’ll get through this little by little, day by day. 🙂

May 12 (Wedding monthsary)

Today marks Dane and I’s 3rd year and 7 months marriage. God has been really good in our lives. We’re thankful that He always provides our needs and He keeps us safe everyday, specially that we’re away from each other. We are always thankful for His gift of love through Nate, someone we’re always very proud of.

Dear Dane, I have told you this for so many times already, let me say it again: I love you so much and I will always be right here waiting. With God’s help, I will continue to be faithful and true to you everyday. May God continue to bless our marriage and our family. I love you with all my heart! ♥

May 13 (Busy and tiresome day!!)

Hallo there! Today was a very busy day with Nate since it’s my off. We went to SM Marikina to join a birthday party for our neighbor’s baby who just turned 1. We played and went to Quantum in SM immediately after so Nate could play his fave basketball game and ride a few rides there then we went to Marikina Riverbanks Center and played again in a playhouse. haha. We also bought a few stuff for ourselves (pants for me, sandals for my mother-in-law, and shorts and shirt for Nate).

There was a lot of walking that happened today and I am soooo tired right now! lol! Well, tired but happy because I got to spend the day with Nate, plus, we’re sleeping together tonight, one of my favorite nights of all is to be with him.

How did your week go?

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