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WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 4)

Because our lives are full of DRAMA! 😛

May 2 (Happy Mother’s Week!)
Ah, it’s the time of the year again! Let’s not forget to thank our moms who are always there to show us love no matter what. Our moms are the people we know would never ever leave us no matter what happens.

Finally, painting week is done. Now, it’s Nate’s birthday week! Wooot wooot, so this week, I’ll be busy with my DIY preps for Nate’s simple birthday celebration. I’m planning to invite the kids in the neighborhood so our church mates can come here and teach them about Jesus. I’m so thankful for God’s grace to Nate’s life.

Earlier today, I went buying “konsumo” in Marikina market. This is our the 2nd time I’m buying there because I just learned that their products are really cheaper compared to Litex market (the one we’re used to buying). I was happy I bought so many things with my Php 700.

May 3 (Day 1 at work – SURVIVED!!!)
Today, we are short staffed at work but I’m glad we made it, whew! Day 1 is done at work, thank you Lord. Now, I need to sleep so I can do the things I need to do for Nate’s birthday.

Oh, Nate, time teleports! I can’t believe you’re turning 2 now my dear! I pray that God will give me wisdom to raise you. I’m starting to see some challenges specially when it comes to you insisting what you want and showing some attitude. I hope that with God’s help I can instill good things in you. We love you so much, son!

Day 2 at work, DONE! And everyday, I also accomplish simple tasks for Nate’s birthday. 🙂 Yesterday, we were able to make his guestbook and his birthday banners. Today I am planning to do more for his birthday decorations. Gosh, I can’t believe it, Nate turns 2 tomorrow! waaa!

The feeling is both exciting and saddening – it’s bittersweet! You know, like you’re happy for all the developments they done, but as they get older everyday, you miss the little “them”, you know what I mean? I’m sure many moms can relate! Sigh! Life is wonderful! Thank you for all the blessings Lord! 


Oh Nate, you’re already 2 years! So far he’s got one request since 2 days ago – ICE CREAM!!! lol. So, yeah, of course, I’m granting his request. 🙂 Wow, we survived 2 years of love and craziness! haha. We love you so much, son! Please know that Papa is away for you to have a better future. As you grow up, I pray that our bond will continue to stay strong.

We’re busy this week preparing for a little celebration this coming weekend as well, just a little thanksgiving here at home with the kids he knows, some games and bible story telling. After the little program we prepared for the kids, we’ll have a prayer meeting as well. So, the house is a busy place this week (STILL! Since last week). Thank you so much Lord for your protection and guidance to Nate always!

May 6 (Haggard, Market Day for the partey!)

Immediately after work, we left to go to the market to buy the things we need for Nate’s birthday (food to prepare, that is). It was tiresome and full of hagardness (whatever you call it! haha). When we went home, I was so happy it’s finally done! Now, I have 2 more things to buy: the cake and rent chairs. I’m excited for this party because we’re inviting the kids in the neighborhood and one of our Sunday School teachers in the church will teach them about Jesus and the bible. 🙂

May 7 (Getting ready for the partey)

This is it, few hours left and we’re all set for Nate’s birthday thanksgiving. I am more excited about the fact that the kids today will learn about Jesus and His love for them. I hope that the Spirit will give them wisdom to understand the story they will hear later. 🙂

I just got off work, had to go on an hour overtime. That’s fine, I just have to take a short 1 or 2 hour nap and I’m back to prepping the things that still need to be done. Talk to you guys later! Bye!

How did your weekend go?

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