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Sundayvotion: Encouraging One Another

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One of the main purposes of why believers are to go to church and fellowship with other Christian believers is to be able to encourage and help each other up (this is aside from learning God’s word).

Remember the very popular quote: “no man is an island”? That is very true as well when it comes to our christian lives. We need someone who can encourage us when we are spiritually down and we need people to back us up in prayers when we need them the most.

Has anyone ever told you, “I prayed for you”? How does it feel? I personally feel so relieve every time my mother tells me this. You feel confident that whatever happens, somebody cares and prays for you and that is one of the most wonderful things you can hear from someone (aside from “I love you”).

No matter what your situation is right now, it is always good to be able to find someone or a group that you know can help you and pray for you when you are down and discouraged. After all, that’s what friends are for as well. :)))

Blessed Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Indeed that no man is an island, no matter how independent you are, you still need help from other people. I'm blessed to have a mom who always prays for us too. Whenever I'm down or I'm praying for something, I don't hesitate to ask family or friends to pray for me. 🙂

  2. I agree! There's already so much negativity in the world where people constantly criticize one another. Having people encourage you and pray for you is such a great feeling.

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