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It’s Labor Day!!! ♥

It’s funny how yesterday was May 1st and was labor day but it’s a Sunday! haha. I’m not sure if our “soon-to-be-former-president” Aquino moved the holiday today but I don’t think so. If it was Gloria’s time, I’m pretty sure it’s been rescheduled to today. Nonetheless,

You and I who work hard everyday contributes to the strength, prosperity and well being of our country, so yeah, CONGRATULATIONS! I know there are so many reasons why we labor and work hard, we can all agree that’s one of the reasons is our family, so we can help them. Some of us work hard for our children’s tuition, some work to help their parents pay the bills/debts, some work to be able to save, some work to be able to travel, some work to exercise their profession. We can say that we work for money but of course, we need money because of the many reasons we have.

 So to you who work hard for their family, for you who work for your future, for you who work to help others, keep on doing your best! Cheers to all of us!

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  1. We definitely need a day to celebrate and recognize our workforce. They have contributed so much to our economy and it's nice to make them feel appreciated for their efforts.

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