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3 Reasons why Cousins are Great

We all have cousins here and we have so many stories about our cousins, don’t we? Just today, I’m so happy one of our first cousins initiated a group chat of Facebook so we could all chat again and ask how everyone is doing.

Our clan is too many we can occupy a baranggay, lol! With our grandparents having 11 children, we’ve now grown to 30+ grand children and 80+ great grand children (Nate is one of them). That’s one chaotic, awesome and noisy family, I know! haha!

Say “hi” to my cousins from the mother side! This is incomplete. Credits to my cousin for making this collage

Out of 30+ first cousins (mother side), I have to say, wala akong kaedad! haha! I remember, when I was young, I’d try to fit it in with my older cousins and I would be the smallest and the first person na mauutusan! haha. If I try to go with those younger than me, I would look like a chaperone! Nevertheless, I think that my cousins are amazing and there are many reasons to treasure our memories together!

Here are a few reasons why I think that cousins are great:

1. Most of them are our first group of friends
We grew up near our cousins and my cousins are the first people who became my friends. I remember, I have a list of all my cousins before! haha! Our cousins know so many thing about us, we don’t need to hide who and what we are with them. They’re one of the people we can be ourselves.

2. Cousins are Brutally Honest
If you want to talk to someone who will be completely honest with you, check with your cousins. haha. Tell them your problem and they’ll slap you in the face with criticisms if you’ve done something wrong, or hug you with comfort when you are completely down. And because you guys know each other for like since birth, you can be very confident to share what your troubles are with your cousins.

3. Cousins Can make you ROFLOL! 
My cousins can definitely make me roll on floor laughing out loud (ROFLOL, hehe). No matter how drama your life is, when you are with your cousins, after a few minutes, you’ll burst out laughing! Your cousins just know your “kiliti” and can make you laugh out lod even if you’re too problematic! Oh, this is one of the things that I miss so much we get together. We would laugh at the very simple things! Maiiyak ka talaga sa katatawa!

To all my cousins out there! Wherever you are, take care always! God bless us all, let’s pray for each other! :*

How about you, what’s your “cousin story”? I’d like to hear from you! 🙂

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  1. I also have so many cousins both from my parents side. But, I got super close my third cousin in particular. We went to the same college, we are both born on the same month and day ( pareho kami ng birthday) we have same interest in life. Funny thing is, we both got married in the same year and travel in the US just two months apart and now living 10 hours away from each other. I think its really interesting story,:)

  2. I'm not really close to my cousins because like you, wala ko kaedad. I'm the youngest in the father side and one of the oldest naman sa mother side, so mas kakwentuhan ko pa mga tita ko kaysa sa pinsan. hehehe!

  3. I agree with you sis, sarap ng madami cousins and if you are all close, my mother side 11 sila mgkakapatid ang dami ko cousins dun sabay ko sila lumaki and up to now we are still close. Sana nga marami din maging cousin si kulit

  4. Sana nga sis! Masaya maraming pinsan e. lalo na pag reunion. 😀 Sana si Nate din, pero sa ngayon, meron na syang 80+ na 2nd cousins! whoah! haha!

  5. Super daminh cousins hahaha grabe. Hahaha literally one big happy family. I think I have 2 cousins on my father side ba kasing edad ko. Yeah and I could say that she was my first best friend. People who you can trust and share your deep secrets.

    Godbless to your family 🙂

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