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Yellow April!!! :)

It’s official! It’s April! Summer is super here already! Everybody’s planning to go and have fun in the beach, pools and other nice places and here we are, staying at home for now. Lol! Well, what’s “not so” nice about Summer? It’s the fact that it’s super duper hot already! Seriously, when I check my phone’s time and it’s 11 am, I’d get a notification that the ultraviolet radiation is so high and that I should stay inside.

I’m sure we all can agree to that, everybody’s busy looking for things to do just to cool themselves down, sometimes a stroll to the mall (where the AC is free, lol), or a picnic to parks, the list goes on! We’re fortunate because even though it’s too hot here in the house already, we can all stay downstairs during daytime and don’t feel too hot because we live in a 2-storey house (thank you Lord!)

I am a Filipino-born and raised in the Philippines, never been to any other country and is used to a tropical climate since that’s what we have here in the PH. Many of us want to travel and I am not an exception to that! lol.

If you ask me where I’d like to travel, I don’t have an exact place in mind but I would always think of places with cozy winters. I loooove to experience winter even just for once. Sure we’ve been to Baguio twice but I’m pretty sure a winter’s still a lot different.

When I see my friends’ pictures on my newsfeed enjoying the snow, I would immediately think: “I wish I could go there in the future too”. Well, for now, these are nothing but dreams & illusions but I hope, one day, if God (and the budget) permits, I can visit any place with snow and feel the snow for the very first time! lol!

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  1. Don't despair, Nilyn! It seems there is a great chance of that! My son keeps telling me, "Mom, my friends are in Japan again!" Compared to previous years when only few people go abroad, it seems everyone may do so with more cheap flights available, and even from Cebu, Davao or Clark!

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