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WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 3)

April 25 (One busy week this week!)
This week will surely be a busy one! Today, we’re having a photo shoot with my sister from another mother for Nate’s 2nd birthday. Wow Nate, you’re about to turn 2! How time flies!!!

This is not the only reason to get busy this week! Two weeks past, we bought paints to paint the house that we live in and we’re painting the house this week. Just us (kasi mahal pag ipagawa sa iba, lol) – me, my 2 brothers-in-law and my mother-in-law. For sure this will be a busy and tiresome week! whew!

April 26 (Photo shoot, done!)

As expected, last night was a super busy shift and we were bombarded with billing calls. Thank God for the strength (and patience, lol!). I survived the first day of work, like I always do!

Yesterday’s photo shoot turned out well. Although Nate was uncooperative, my good friend (which I more likely consider my younger sister) was able to take wonderful shots, like I always believe in her! This lady, for me is so talented – I gotta talk about her more! 🙂

April 27 (Day 1 painting, done!)

Yesterday, we started painting, and it sure wasn’t easy! whew! We were able to finish the first floor and tomorrow, we hope to finish the 2nd floor. I think we all did a good job but it was tiresome! I’m happy that Nate was understanding, he didn’t really call for my attention too much. I think he knew we were busy so he found ways to keep himself busy as well! We need to get the painting done this week. Next week’s my preparation for Nate’s birthday. 🙂

April 28 (Day 2 painting, done! YAHOOO!)

Well, I should say, partially done! We were able to paint the 2nd floor but not the rooms. We’re hoping to finish everything on the 2nd floor today so we could paint the outside wall of the house tomorrow. Just doing things one at a time. 🙂

My problem is, I think our white paints aren’t enough so, I guess Im’ma go to the hardware later today to buy 4 more liters of white paint. Wow, I didn’t know painting is this challenging! But it’s worth it. I just want everything done this week! lol.

April 29 (TGIF!)
Weee! Thank God, it’s FRIDAYYYY!!! ♥ Yes, finally, it’s the last day at work tonight! woooh! The painting’s not yet done here. Nakakapagod na kaya everyday, paunti ng paunti ang natatapos namin, haha. Actually, I didn’t help painting yesterday, natulog lang ako, napagod kasi ako. I don’t know why. But I hope we can finish this tomorrow so we can all be done with the paint stuff! Nakakapagod pala mag pintura ng bahay. Kaya it’s really nice when you have your house painted yet before moving, para di na masyadong makalat at magulo. I’m so sleepy already, better take a rest now, just got off work, time check is 5:47 AM. ♥

April 30 (Off, Off, Off!!!)
Tomorrow’s May 1st already? Wow! Grabe ang panahon, ang bilis! Today, we’re determined to complete painting the house. Kinulang kami ng pintura, huhu. So I’m going out later to buy another 4-liter (wow, painting an entire house is super duper expensivow!). I hope this is going to end today already, I’m so eager to have everything done already, I don’t want to think about this anymore! lol!

Anyways, we have a few more areas to paint so, it should (it must!) be done today. So, I need to sleep for now, just got off work, I need to recharge! lol.

Have a great weekend!

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