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To the Person who Raised us up…

Meet my father (photo below), he’s a farmer and a pastor. When we were young, we knew him as a loving but a strict father. He disciplined us when needed. I remember I was spanked several times back then! lol!

Then we started growing up and began to see more of his loving and caring side. I was wrong. The person I thought was super strict was instead an quiet, simple and understanding father.

I liked how we were brought up by our parents. Even though it was so painful every time I’d get spanked before, I believe that helped us in becoming who we are now.

Today, that person turned 55 years old. I joked on him on the phone and told him, “5 years nalang, may 20% discount kana” (5 more yrs and you’ll get 20% discount already)! He laughed so hard! haha.

We had a little surprise for him today, we didn’t tell him that my sister’s coming home in Tagum City (I got her ticket for 1, 500 pesos back and forth last January, isn’t that cool? Thanks CebuPac!). So I checked on them earlier today, and he was truly surprised to see her there! lol!

To my tatay, happy happy birthday! I pray that God will continue to bless you and use you for the ministry. Always praying for good health. I love you!

Meet my family. ♥ PS: I’m the eldest! 🙂

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