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Sundayvotion: Be Strong

Hello! Today is a busy day for us. Earlier today, we tried changing our routine by going to the market early in the morning and then go to church right after. It didn’t turn out well because were more late in the church so we’re not doing that again and will instead go to the market Monday morning.

As a mother and a wife of an OFW, managing the house and finances, while taking care of our son (aside from being a WAHM) is challenging. Many times I fail at so many things in life which I hate when I do but later on, I’d realize that life is a series of failures and success, that’s just how it is, what’s important is that we go on with life.

May this day be a simple day to remind us all of God’s goodness. I don’t know what you, personally, are experiencing right now, I may not know you and whatever you are going through, but please know that there’s a God up there who knows what you are experiencing – he knows your pain, your struggles, your worries and your fears. His word is reminding us all to stay strong and take heart because He will never leave us nor forsake us. 🙂

May we all be blessed!

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  1. When things get tough, I always thinks that everything happens for a reason. God will never give us anything we can't handle and He trust as more that we trust Him. Stay strong sis 🙂

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