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My first Zalora Shopping Experience

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I was given a 500 worth of discount coupon by Zalora and I was so excited to do my very first shop. Of course, as many of us know, Zalora is one of the leading and reliable online stores nowadays. I know a few friends who love to shop at Zalora and I can’t blame them, my first shopping experience was a good one!

So since I’m thrifty, I wanted to try to shop without spending anything other than the coupon’s amount. I looked for products with price that’d cost no more than 500 pesos. And since I’m now a mother, Nate is always first on the list, lol! And this was what I found:

I like this, not only because it was cheap but it looks simple and nice for me. It can be used formal or rugged. Because I could not decide what color to choose and other shoes that I saw more expensive (always thinking about the 500 peso limit, lol), I decided to get 2 colors of these.

Check out was easy, I got the shipping fee for free because I still had 100 pesos remaining balance since these two only costs almost 400 pesos. Immediately after the order was placed, I got my confirmation email with the summary of the product purchased.

Since we’re now in San Mateo, I did not expect my package to be shipped immediately. Most couriers take long to deliver here since it’s a provincial address already, however, to my surprise, I got another email just a minute after I received the confirmation email! Isn’t that amazing? 😀

Not only that, the day after I got this confirmation email, I got the package! haha. Wow, Zalora, I am a happy camper! At around 2:30 PM on April 5th, I received my order. And I love the shoes! Just in time, coz most of Nate’s shoes don’t fit anymore! Thanks so much Zalora for my coupon! Saves money! lol!

I like how my name is written on the package, I don’t know why, could be the font, lol! It feels more personalized for me. 

I think it’s safe to say that Nate loves his shoes! He wore each shoes once already, one was during the birthday party we attended last week and one was when we went to church.

On return policy: One thing though, I ordered for size 22 (thank goodness there was no size 24 available or I would’ve ordered that instead. As you can see on the last photo, it didn’t fit. It’s bigger than his shoe size. Zalora has a great return policy, if you don’t like the product, you can either have it exchanged or refunded. I was thinking of asking for a smaller size, but then, I realize, my toddler is growing, better have an allowance on his shoes, right? So, I didn’t fill out their return form online anymore but if you think of requesting for an exchange, I believe it’s easy-peasy to do that online. 🙂

Here’s my young man, all groomed and ready to go to church last Sunday. 🙂

My first Zalora shopping went above expectation and I am so happy with what I got for my son. Have you tried shopping at Zalora? How was your first experience?

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