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P & P (Paints & Photo shoot)

Monday is baaaack!!! Time to go back to work later! But before I go back to work, today’s a busy day. Today, we have many things planned (actually it’s not just for today but within the week). This week’s going to be a busy one. The first P on my list is PAINT! Yes, we’re painting the house we live in. It’s going to be challenging but it is exciting!

I always like to paint walls, Dane and I have both been doing that for a long time already! lol. Every time we move, we paint the place. It’s nice to live in a newly painted house, no? hehe. So we’re doing that this week.

The 2nd P is photo shoot (which is already checked earlier today). We had a photo shoot for Nate’s upcoming 2nd birthday, time fliessss (be right back, I need a senti moment, lol). It’s just wonderful to have our kid’s photos taken by people who are really skilled & gifted in photography. One I personally know is a young lady full of talents. I’ll talk about her more when the photos are published, so excited!!!

The photo shoot didn’t really go as planned, Nate was uncooperative after the first 10 minutes ’til the end of the session so we had to do so many things to get him to pose. haha. It was fun and tiresome but the photos are priceless, I kept staring at them! I guess that’s how it is when it’s your kids! lol!

This is him after the photo shoot. Super tired! lol. (photo © Norbie Joy)

So just one more P for this week and we’re all good. Good vibes only for today! Bawal ang nega, naba block ang blessings, mahaba pa ang linggo, I need to cheer up! 🙂

How’s your Monday so far?

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